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February 11, 2009


Bon voyage...see ya at da beach, brah!!!

I'll be taking my chances on a big jet plane

Goin' to California with an achin' in your heart?


Have fun!

". . . and since I'll be out west enjoying decent weather until early next week . . ."

Yeah, and we'll be California dreaming.

Freezing our asses off in 30 and 40 degree weather.

Remember to say hi to Big Al while you're out there and gently suggest it might be time to step down, be remembered as a pioneering Hall of Famer and get someone in there who will get the Ray-ders to "Just Win, Baby!"

If I could, I would...

Bad news, Eric. Here in California, it is raining -- and delighted we are to see it, too!

But if you were expecting sunshine, I hope you will be satisfied with occasional breaks in the clouds.

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