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January 07, 2009


Thank you, publius.

The wife and I just shared a good laugh:)

P.S. Last week's "Saturday Night Live" replayed the December show in which Beyonce performed "Single Laides." And: Wow! As wickedly good and as deliciously fun as it was the first time.

Damn...that was funny.

(But I'm still a sucker for the ballet)

Hah! That's how I dance to teh music at home when the wife's not around, though not to that song in particular (and without the vaccuum).

Why did I watch that?

I don't like the music but Beyonce is simply amazing, this guy is pretty good too:




"this guy is pretty good"

Either something is wrong with your eyes or mine: I think that was a woman.

I am noticing the subtle (yeah, well...) increase in backlash against the macho-dick-waving content of male rappers.

I'm ok w/ dat.

It doesn't hurt that Flannel PJ girl seems to have a rockin' bod under the flannel PJs. But OMFG is that song repetitive and annoying! The kind of thing you have to drop ecstasy to truly appreciate...

[That phrasing reminds me of "Take a look at my eyebrows. The kind of thing you might see in a car wash."]

um, she is totally adorable!

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