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January 20, 2009


something felt different here, too.

and then i looked out the window and saw it: our first real snowfall in years.

Just cant seem to get this smile off my face....

I'm either on acid, or something really awesome is happening today.

Why is that an either/or proposition?


If you like to do jigsaw-type puzzles, I put up one today:

The Long Road

Easy: http://allstarpuzzles.com/usr/6b0/p.html?f=6b058ad2d4480fd7caka
Medium: http://allstarpuzzles.com/usr/6b0/p.html?f=6b058ad2d4480fd7daqa
Hard: http://allstarpuzzles.com/usr/6b0/p.html?f=6b058ad2d4480fd7eaua

I started reading Legal Fiction shortly after you started blogging. Before that I doubt I could have told you the name of my representative much less have told you anything about any of the issues. You made me start thinking about politics, political reasoning, justice and ways to participate. I pretty much owe my joy in this day to you.

And a large percentage of the people in my federal building are getting together to watch the changing of the pictures in the lobby. No more having to walk in to the Smirk and the Sneer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know why y'all are so excited about my birthday, but it's much appreciated!

So you are Bob Dylan. I knew it. Yeah, it has been a good week. The Steelers are in the Super Bowl and NASCAR reporting has begun. There is a God.

"I'm either on acid, or something really awesome is happening today."

Why the "or"?


I know how you feel, pub. William F. Buckley and Ozzy Osbourne were playing hackey sack in my bedroom when I woke up this morning. And my wife was dressed as the San Diego chicken, but soaked in blood. I'm pretty sure that, for me, it was more the first thing than the second.

Doctor Science -- thanks for the puzzle!

All irony notwithstanding:

It's morning in America again.

femdem - very nice of you to say. and most appreciated

Eric beat you to it, Gary.

Eric beat you to it, Gary.

That just means Gary's tabs were better than mine...

What was that Jefferson quote up on your old digs? Something about witches?


something really awesome is happening today.

It didn't freaking SNOW.

And we have a new President.

Here comes the sun
And I say
It's alright.


I've been reading your posts since before the 2000 election. You're a good writer, but what I really want to thank you for is keeping the faith. It would have been so easy to just give up after 2000 and 2004. Keep on keeping on, man, you're one of the best.

david -- that's funny. the original post that I deleted was reposting that quote.

it's an oldie but goodie (though it is my gmail motto on chat right now) :)

Hat tip for the Chaucer reference.

I started reading Legal Fiction a couple of weeks after it started up and man... there have been some ups and downs since then. I was in DC for the inauguration and I've never seen such a large crowd of happy people before. As a random man yelled on the street: "Not a single frown in this town!"

"That just means Gary's tabs were better than mine..."

I found out blotter was better 34 years ago, when someone sent me three microdots in the mail, wrapped in wrapping and aluminum foil, and they were crushed to dust, and I thought they were a single hit, and....

...you started blogging?

No, I was doing science fiction fanzines back then, which I started writing to in 1971, and publishing my own in 1973.

Re the other thing, I was watching a midnight movie, and when it was over, I took the subway to my girlfriend's apartment, and spent the next night and day listening to love songs on the radio and doing a (it was Valentine's day, but my gf worked nights, and didn't come home until 7 a.m.), and doing a jigsaw puzzle, because I found Sesame Street on tv way too complicated.

The person who mailed me the acid is a well-known blogger, btw. I'm not offering any other clues, though. About her.

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