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December 05, 2008


"The one possible sign of hope is that the Army is rioting"

Wow. Just think about that. When the army is rioting, things are really bad. And if that's a sign of hope, there really isn't much hope, is there? I wish the best for the people of Zimbabwe, but I can't muster any optimism. What a disaster. The only good thing here is that we are doing nothing. If we got involved, we'd screw it up even more. We'd just install someone like Idi Amin.

I'm always amazed at the resiliency of people living under tyrannical rule. Africa is broken in so many ways, but its potential is still great, in no small part due to its people. We need to do what we can to help the cause of education and economic development in Africa.

If I were Robert Mugabe, I would be asking myself why I worked so hard to steal that last election, just so I could hold onto power over a nearly completely failed state. Maybe the rationality behind that move makes sense to maniacal despot, but to me it seems the height of senselessness.

// Every time, I cannot imagine how Robert Mugabe could possibly stay in power when things are so bad.//

As I understand it, Mugabe is more or less a figurehead at the moment. The real power is his military backers. I'm guessing it is convenient for the military backers to have Mugabe take the heat for how screwed up the place is.

Dave C, while I like what you wrote, you should understand something about humanity. It is pretty hard to impose a standard of rationality upon even reasonable people like Tony Blair. But to expect rationality from the likes of Mugabe is a pipe dream. To expect him to rub two brain cells together and make a thought is asking way too much. I'd say he's bat shit crazy, but that's giving him too much credit. There's simply no point in asking why he does what he does. He doesn't know either.

The army rioting is far from a sign of hope. They're, as usual, taking out their anger on the Zimbabwean people.

"The riots are, of course, horrible for the shopkeepers, forex traders, and other civilians who are harmed in them."

Wait a minute. With the level of danger and catastrophe you just described, you are telling us there are still forex traders in Zimbabwe?

Surely you've got to be kidding.

Mugabe calls for early elections (CNN News) and Brown and west accused of using Cholera epidemic to undermine the government (China Daily) Oh Lord, have mercy! On behalf of other thinking children of ex-Zimbabwians in South Africa I offer my sadness, and my shame at my government's impotent and half-hearted attempts at mediation between Mugabe, Tsvangirai. My mother's heart bleeds for her people and her country. I ask for a prayer chain around the world to break the power that remains in Mugabe's government and topple the evil people who hide in his shadow. Watch and pray - and stand by to give aid and sustenance to those who survive.

Just thinking about Zimbabwe makes me sad: Humanity still has a long way to go

this is such a sad thing. The u.s. needs to help them out.

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