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December 07, 2008


I feel Red State should give the guy a raise. Money well spent, if you ask me.

agent provocateur

So here's Hilzoy, taking a little walk through the blogosphere for light exercise after her operation (how are you feeling, btw?), and comes across an amusing sight: a large gun, on a rack above a small barrel, containing a rather large and lethargic fish.
With a handy link to RedState on the outside.


No real criticism intended here: though I'll just observe that using the terms "embarrassment" and "RedState" in juxtaposition like this is something of an oxymoron: they really don't have any.

Oh, and minor point: Pejman's surname is spelled Yousefzadheh. The poseur!

If you think Henke is bad, you should check out his erstwhile companions at QandO. Or perhaps not. They descended so far into self-parody and spitting hatred that I concluded nobody worth anything would take them seriously, so I stopped feeling the need to correct their BS ages ago. "Vicious capitalism" is their tagline, but they never get to the "capitalism" part.

I see no evidence to suggest the front pagers at Red State are capable of embarrassment.

Nor Henke for that matter.


Yousefzadeh, of course.

well done -- i actually give you most credit for reading RedState

Jay : Eek! Fixt!

Damn glad you're back. :o)

"A non-intellectually lazy writer" would not be at RedState, which is as Jay C noted the go to source for "fish in the barrel." It is an absolute job requirement that you have to be pig ignorant and dumber than a stump to post there.

You give Henke too much credit. His quote from Cowen is grossly out of context, for example.

He also did in fact get it wrong when he described the arguments for fiscal stimulus this way:

Like an alcoholic taking another drink to ease the pain, though, those arguments amount to doubling down to get relief from the symptoms.

intellect is irrelevant at RedState. they exist to lead the cheer, not to analyze the game.

His quote from Cowen is grossly out of context, for example.

I don't think it's out of context at all, and I'm curious why you do. But the stuff about Krugman was just dumb; he is probably the most enthusiastic booster of Keynesian stimulus in the whole damn country.

His quote from Cowen is grossly out of context, for example.

I don't think it's out of context at all, and I'm curious why you do.

I think Henke is trying to suggest that Cowen thinks the Keynesian multiplier is just as silly as self-financing tax cuts. But that wasn't Cowen's point at all, at least as I read it. He was criticizing a post by Dani Rodrik, to the effect that the multiplier could be increased by protectionist policies. If you follow the exchange it turns out that Rodrik does not advocate this policy but is pointing out a potential problem, and the desirability of having other countries engage in fiscal stimlus as well.

Cowen apparently interpreted Rodrik as favoring protectionist policies, using the multiplier increase as the basis of his case, and thought that particular argument was foolish.

Sure, but Cowen's point about left leaning economists over-relying on the Keynesian multiplier wasn't just targeting Rodrik. Cowen has been very cool on Obama's stimulus proposals, for example. Cowen certainly doesn't reject fiscal stimulus, but he's been pretty consistently cautionary about its limits and pitfalls in implementing it. I believe his recent post on measured GDP & fiscal policy illustrates this.

I've never understood the snarky, supercilious style of blogging. Eventually, you're going to make mistakes, and the fact that you were snotty is just going to make you look worse.

I'm not sure why Pejman would talk down to the entire "reality-based community" as a group. That seems beyond intellectually lazy to me. My brother tells me he's a truly nice guy, though. Maybe it's a bravado sort of thing.


Mike F.,

Fair enough. I'd say Cowen is cautious about fiscal stimulus, but hardly opposed to it. Henke, to my mind, tries to make it sound as though Cowen's concerns are greater than they are.

Maybe that's unfair of me. I don't think so, but I'll concede that the word "grossly" in my description is an overstatement.

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