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December 29, 2008


22.5 pounds in a week?

I'm torn between feeling smug (I didn't gain near that much! look at me!) or plain worried; either you need to check your scales or get thee to a gym for a programme of gentle exercise and eating just a tad less for the next four or five months.

Putting on weight fast isn't good for you; attempting to lose weight fast is even worse. Crash diets are primarily productive of rapid weight gain after you go off the diet.

Oh, and sod the Twitter (she says impolitely) what about the broken threads?

The Twitter feed link just goes to the Twitter home page. Here is a direct link to the feed.

thanks matt - fixed

Jes, you just don't appreciate our subtle American sense of humor.

While I appreciate the time spent improving the site, I agree with Jes. Twitter feeds and a google search widget matter a lot less than the fact that threading is broken and that linking to comments is extremely difficult.

KCinDC: Jes, you just don't appreciate our subtle American sense of humor.

*looks vaguely upset in a British kind of way*

Which part is the joke, the Twitterfeed or the weight gain?

the weight gain :)

at least, i hope it's a joke

*a very British facepalm*

In these times of economic turmoil, I applaud your wise choice. Stocks go up and down, commodities fluctuate wildly; but a personal investment in body fat is something you can count on for years to come! The taxman can't take your potbelly, and ex-wives and lovers won't touch your love-handles (true! just ask them). And if famine is around the corner, we may all wish we had put our money into fudge and cookies.

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