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December 10, 2008


that's hilarious. though it raises questions of how you spend your time on youtube :)

another famous Dec 10 birfday: Emily Dickinson.

As if some little corrupt governor,
Upon Lake Michigan's hem,
Went wandering down the corridors,
Until he lucky came
To a vacancy of Senator,
To opportunity for him,
To willing, eager crowds of suitors,
Such a prize to be won!
I say, as if this little governor
To Eden wandered in--
What then? Why, nothing, only
Your inference therefrom!

publius: I just remembered it from when it first came out. I loved Was (Not Was).

That's a pretty funny clip, and all, but what a terrible noise.


(There should be a Bush mashup for "Somewhere In America There's A Street Named After My Dad".)

@cleek: Outstanding.

Your poems are my favorites among your posts.

Nell, tnx !

You know cleek, you could take Nell's praise in one of two ways...either she really likes your poems, or doesn't think much of your non-poem based comments.

just sayin'

i took it both ways :)

"I like it here! It's nice!"

This was a B-side to one of Was (not was)'s big hit singles. It was in the jukebox in my college cafeteria, and I used to play it to annoy people. Jukeboxes were always filled with such crap, and it was my form of petty vengeance upon the listening public that dictated the usual homogenized blend.

Hey, you know jail can be fun.

Thanks -

Hey Russell... Look closely... wasn't that Former Governor George Ryan third from the left in the "Jump" video?

I could swear...

"Walk the Dinosaur" was so wack and so overplayed it made me forget how much I liked their first album. Color me reminded.

Straight up, Was Not Was was and is one of the best bands ever. Funny, funky, and killing. What else is there?

They're still kicking it. New record and tour last year.

Check'em out at World Wide Was.

Thanks -

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