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December 24, 2008


If the widget is so enabled, then how come I don't see it? Is it an IE only thing?

Did you click on "ShareThis", tgirsch? Do you have something disabling JavaScript? I'm using Firefox on a MacBook and have no problem seeing it.

RE: Computer Gods Are We

We are not worthy!

Blessings to all.

Wayne & Garth

Great, great. Now that this essential task is taken care of, O Computer Gods of ObWi, perhaps you can do something about the f%@king paged comments?

Larv - we have been trying to get typepad to get rid of it. if it doesn't change, we may end up migrating the blog elsewhere (and some readers have very graciuosly offered to help).

at some point, we'll put up a thread soliciting people's input on that (but feel free to have it here too).

my worry with moving it is just that it screws up everyone's readers, technorati tracking, links, etc. i know these aren't complicated to change -- but inertia is something to consider.

but yes, we'll eventually get that removed even if it means moving

Thanks, publius. That's what I wanted to hear. Okay, I'd have preferred "immediately" to "eventually," but it's a start.

Iframe it. If you have runtime source parsing blocking you, make it a dynamic resource.Just remember that synchronous calls are bad.

So long as unclosed tags screw up the following posts, paged comments at least contain the damage. If we're voting for enhancements. I say fix the tag problem first.

Hmm, works on the work computer, not on the home computer, both using Firefox. I must have disabled javascript at home.

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