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November 20, 2008


From TPM, noted without comment:

AG Mukasey was roughly twenty minutes into a speech defending the administration's torture policies...Mukasey appeared in earnest about it and appeared at first simply to be choking up. Soon, what at first appeared to be choking up blended into slurred words. And twenty to thirty seconds later he collapsed, his fall broken by a nearby FBI agent.

Latest TPM report indicates that he's "conscious, alert, strong vital signs."


He apparently collapsed on the sentence:

And I am hopeful that some time from now, after the next Administration has had the chance to review the decisions made and the legal advice provided, it will acknowledge that despite any policy differences, the national security lawyers in this Administration acted professionally and in good faith and that the country was safer as a result.

If it'd happened in a movie, I'd have thrown popcorn at the screen.

Anyone else getting Deja Vu about William Casey, who occupied a position of responsibility and became incapacitated just as serious investigation into flagrant lawbreaking by the administration he served got underway?

(not that serious investigation into this one has actually started, but on the other hand Mukasey is so far reported to be doing well, and I hope he has many years of good health ahead - albeit years of good health spent facing criminal investigation)

So, the Attorney-General of the United States, defending the practice of torturing prisoners by the United States, is apparently struck down by a silent, invisible force?


I'm still an atheist.

Reminds me of when Ashcroft fell ill. How soon till they've got the next Alberto Gonzales shoving papers in his face to sign while he's still hooked up to oxygen?

Classic low blood sugar, once cardiac and cerebral events are ruled out.

Classic low blood sugar, once cardiac and cerebral events are ruled out.

As they now seem to have been. Mukasey will be released today.

So... low blood sugar, or instant karma?

So he's gone home now, and it's said just to have been a fainting spell.

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