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November 02, 2008


No. Water torture is water torture.

This is merely anxiety, and probably well placed,since the GOP is poised again to steal another one. Let's hope they cannot pull it off this time.


MoJo has some useful information on how to combat voting "anomalies"


Calm down. The gorgeous weather is going to help the GOTV.


You and me both, publius. You and me both.

Have you considered drinking yourself into oblivion for the next two days? That's kind of like canceling both Sunday and Monday...

If I could have any super-power I wanted, I'd choose narcolepsy.

Why not do something for the campaign to fill the time?

Phone calling and door knocking/doorhangering for GOTV, putting up signs at polling places early Tuesday, handing out sample ballots at the polls, giving rides on election day... all these jobs need doing.

And, echoing getaclue, 'water torture' isn't an inoffensive bit of hyperbole. It's real, and nothing you're going through is at all like it.

I've felt this way for the past two weeks. Time never passed so slowly in my entire life.

And they had to throw in the extra hour this weekend...

"I wish my life was on DVR right now and I could just fast forward."

Sadly, you can't fast forward into the future. Not that it would violate the laws of physics, it's not really clear that it would. But it would violate the regulations of the Nevada Gaming Commission. And you don't want to mess with those guys.

Have you considered drinking yourself into oblivion for the next two days?

I'm trying very hard not to do that. The extra hour I got today is not appreciated for the first time.

I've got a bad feeling about PA...

Look on the bright side, Publius. The Republicans could still steal the election on Tuesday, so you should savor every moment of the last two days before you have to bow down to the reign of McCain/Palin and figure out some way all those invisible Republican voters just showed up again to save the day.

Other than that, yeah.

Tell me about it!
Holding my breath for days.

Sadly, you can't fast forward into the future.

You could, given either a sufficiently fast method of transportation or a sufficiently strong gravitational field.

Invisible Republican voters, unlikely.

Mass chaos, long lines and too few voting booths at the polling places in predominantly poor, black overwhelmingly Democratic districts & wards resulting in massive de facto voter suppression...highly likely.

I'm hearing the blue team's GOTV campaign is giving way to the "Don't Give Up and Go Home...No Matter What Happens Or How Long It Takes, Keep Standing in Line" effort.

I voted yesterday. I was torn... I wanted so badly to keep and frame my ballot.

The kids came with me and proudly wore their red, white & blue "I Voted Early In Pima County" stickers the rest of the afternoon.

Bottom line at our house: Go, Brocco! (My 5 year-old son's name for BHO).

A cool experience for us all.

Regardless of the suspense, I'd like it to be over just to not have to pick up the telephone so often. We are getting roughly a call every other hour from someone. Obama's tend to be real people, McCain's tend to be robo-calls.

Living in a battleground state (Ohio) sometimes has a downside.

I better not wake up on 11/5 to a chorus of "Gosh, Karl, how could the polls have been so wrong?"

Living in a battleground state (Ohio) sometimes has a downside.

In Illinois, I haven't got a mailer, haven't got a phone call, only see ad's on national networks. I do get emails telling me to call you in Ohio. I'm skipping that and heading to Indiana tomorrow for a final round of canvasing and GOTV on Tuesday in Gary.

Just let it be Tuesday already.


Granted. It's Tuesday.

Thanks for reminding me of one of my favorite songs. Made my day.

Greetings from Pennsylvania, byrningman, and don't worry too much. Can only speak for my southeastern town but people are just boiling out of the ground to volunteer for BO, and the campaign's GOTV effort seems extremely well-organized and upbeat. The organizers are young, smart, and they've got a program they're sticking to. The Republicans seem desultory. Like I say, I can't speak for the whole state but around here we're making the carpetbaggers work for it. And seriously, anyone who's sweating it out, go out and volunteer! It passes the time, believe me.

fuckin a

I spent the day at the Springsteen/Obama rally in Cleveland - it was amazing. More when I'm not posting from my phone.

I'm with you, Publius. Here in the other Washington, we see very few Presidential spots and get very few calls, since WA is safely in the Obama camp. However, we have a nerve-wracking rematch for governor: the incumbent Dem vs. a particularly slimy Republican. The previous race was won by only 129 votes, and was one of the ones that led to a US Atty firing (when the US Atty failed to find any voter fraud). We're getting inundated with ads for this one. As a state employee, I'm praying the Dem gets re-elected, both because she's a Dem and reasonably competent, and also because the Rethug would probably take a wrecking ball to the state budget. C'mon Tuesday, get here! (I don't drink, so the oblivion cure isn't an option.)

Use the nervous energy: go campaign.

Nell: And, echoing getaclue, 'water torture' isn't an inoffensive bit of hyperbole. It's real, and nothing you're going through is at all like it.

*rolls eyes* Was this lecture really necessary? You don't think Publius meant this simile literally, do you?

I'll agree with you about volunteering, though. It's a great way to channel all that anxiety into something productive (though, I'm in what could be a swing state, which makes a big difference).

Deep breath. Relax. Ponder this from Open Left:

"When I tell people how well Obama is doing in the polls, here are three of the most common responses I receive:

1. "Yeah, but Kerry was winning at the end of the campaign, too."
2. "Yeah, but Kerry was way ahead among early voters, too."
3. "Yeah, but Republicans always do better in the final results than in the final polls." (GOTV and / or machine fraud are often cited as reasons for this one.)

All of these responses irritate me, both because they are all demonstrably false and because they are often accompanied by excess worrying. In the extended entry, I attempt to wipe away this worrying by actually showing how all three of those myths are false.
Chris Bowers :: Three Big Myths About The 2004 and 2008 Elections
1. Kerry was winning late in the 2004 campaign, too. No he wasn't. I have heard hundreds of people make this claim, but it just isn't true. For perspective on where the 2008 campaign stands relative to the 2004 and 2000 campaigns, Professor Charles Franklin maps the trend lines during all three: [follow link for graph]
I don't know where this rumor started, but it is both widespread and easily shown to be false. Obama is currently running about 6% ahead, while Kerry was running about 1% behind three days before the election. Obama is 7% ahead of where Kerry was four years ago.

2. Kerry won early voters, too. No, he didn't. Again, I don't know where this rumor got started, but it just isn't true. The final Pew poll in 2004 showed Bush and Kerry running even among early voters. The final CBS poll in 2004 showed Bush ahead among early voters. None of the other final 2004 trial heats seem to have crosstabs for early voters, but there is no evidence that Kerry led among early voters, and most evidence indicates that he was slightly behind. So, Obama is running at least 8-10% ahead of Kerry among early voters. Also, it is important to remember that early voting could be as much of 35% of all voting in 2008, whereas four years ago it only accounted for 22.5%. So, not only is Obama running way ahead of where Kerry was four years ago, but early voting is much more important than it was four years ago.

3. Republicans typically improve from final polls to final results. Again, I have no idea who starts these stupid myths, but this one is completely false. In 2004 and 2006, there were 42 statewide elections that were polled during the final week of the campaign, and where the final outcome of the campaign was 10% or less. In those 42 campaigns, Democrats gained an average of 0.5% from the final polls to the final margin. This study included the 19 states in the 2004 presidential election that were decided by less than 10%. So, on average, Republicans actually do worse from the final polls to the final result."

I don't know about anyone else, but I thought these rumors were true and am relieved to see this. Not 100% relieved, mind you...

I'm dealing with anziety a little differetly than I normallly do. my normall yway of dealing is to eat too much, sleep a lot, have nightmares and get depressed.

This time i am choosing to believe that Obama will win along with a whole lot of other Deomcrats and I have begun clelbrating already.

Why not? It isn't as if my mood actually changes anything so why not decide to be triumpahant and exultant?

So since our family tradion is to clebrat special occasions with cigars on the deck I started Saturady with the cheap ones from Fred Meyer.

Tuesday we will break into the very special ones we have been saving since our last vacation.

there will be fireworks in my backyard if Obama wins tomorrow.

I'm not really all that anxious; I'm just really, really ready for the nonstop media barrage and counter-barrage to end. If I could only charge for unauthorized incoming calls, I'd make a mint.

So...anyone considered legislating political calls into the national DNC list? As if that would stand a prayer of passing, given who'd be voting on it.

Slarti--no kidding. Nonstop political ads and that's here in Washington where the Presidential race isn't even close. Sick of it.

Wonkie - you can imagine what it's like in a state that is still in play (Ohio). We're getting several calls an hour, plus a quick visit from an Obama GOTV couple. We've given up answering the phone until tomorrow.

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