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October 21, 2008


http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/l/lisa_brokop/who_needs_you.html>This is the closest I could get to a song title for this post. You haven't heard of Lisa Brokop either, have you Eric?

Anyways. What kind of concessions are the Iraqis pursuing? The only big one that comes to mind is some form of control over contractors, esp. folks like Blackwater. Other than that, maybe stuff like don't put up walls in our backyards in the middle of the night perhaps?

"Whom." Who needs "whom."

Not a song title this time.


They still want more control over prosecution of US military personnel/contractors.

And there could be other demands that I haven't read about as well. Will know more as story evolves.

Bush and McCain need them more than anything. How else could they try to convince people here that they're "fighting the war on terror?"

Wanted Dead or Alive, indeed!

Bush will blink because Maliki can't afford to. For Iraqi's, it is all about the upcoming provincial elections, and everybody wants the US out.

For Bush... it's about his legacy? No, it's about passing this quagmire on to the next President, and he doesn't really care who it is.

If BO wins in 2 weeks, we will probably see a softening in Maliki's stance, because any SOFA is out the door if BO wins. If McCain wins, the stance will harden, because McCain wants "victory" on his terms, not the Iraqi's.

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