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October 13, 2008


"Does he sound even remotely trustworthy to you?"

No, but this seems oddly timed; the whole thing about Martin was gone into backwards and forwards by umpty blogs a week ago, as well as the repercussions, the further responses from Hannity to the blog and journalistic responses to the program, and the use of Martin, and so on.

(I didn't think it much worth being redundant about, but I did throw in a couple of links about a week ago.)

The NY Times did a piece on Martin yesterday, btw.

Well, I think the uproar was inadequate (unless I've missed something). Maybe it's just a sign of how the rest of the media doesn't consider Fox to be an actual news source, but I would have expected both Hannity and the network to be hounded over this at least to the extent that CBS and Dan Rather were hounded over the Texas Air National Guard story four years ago.

Rather's credibility was permanently damaged because of inadequate checking over the reliability of the new documents. CBS was raked over the coals for ages for having let this on the air.

CBS at least had the excuse that they were fooled by misrepresentations from the producers -- not much of an excuse. And after doubts were raised, they eventually had to investigate and publicly eat crow.

Fox went ahead and suggested a whole bunch of ridiculous nonsense about Obama, based on the information of a guy whose background as a paranoid anti-Semite and all around barking loon was discoverable through a five-minute web search. Did they really not know? Have their feet been held to the fire? Has Hannity apologized or retracted? Or even suggested he was sloppy?

Yeah, this was all over the blogs, but it got little traction in the MSM, the New York Times story -- which doesn't really deal much with Fox's or Hannity's role in this -- and the L.A. Times story notwithstanding. The only real challenge to them that I've seen was Gibbs's imitation of Hannity's bullying; and the real message there was not "How dare you give such credence to Martin?" as "How do you like it when the tables are turned and you're made guilty by association?"

I'm still waiting for Fox and Hannity to repudiate the show and apologize. Maybe they have, but I couldn't find anything beyond "Hannity denounces Martin's anti-Semitic statements" in a web search. Anyone who presented Martin as "author and journalist" rather than "author, journalist, and paranoid barking loon" is at least as guilty as Rather was.

People from across the political spectrum kept hammering on CBS. Why doesn't Fox get the same treatment?

You think the McCain child-porn ring is restricted to only ONE of his seven houses?

Man, hilzoy. You can be so naive sometimes.

Gary, I'm perfectly willing to believe that this story could have been in our newspapers weeks ago, but I don't think it has been. I read the New York Times story, and I think that it failed to thoroughly convey just how viciously and elaborately racist Martin's filings were, and the extent of his paranoid delusions. More importantly, while the New York Times story said that Martin was used by Fox to baselessly allege that Obama trained to overthrow the US government, it was not at all clear that in the Times that Fox used tape of Martin spinning an elaborate wheels-within-wheels paranoid fantasy, complete with Ayers grooming Obama from his college days, a mysterious guy with an arab-sounding name somehow bribing Harvard, and Louis Farrakhan in on the conspiracy for flavor. Frankly, overblown handwaving about the subversive nature of Saul Alinsky's theories of popular democracy could, in winger eyes, possibly be stretched to justufy the quote the Times used about disrupting the government; the more complete Fox transcript Hilzoy quotes is fundamentally different in kind and is a transparently absurd delusion, of the sort that even the more extreme of the well-known winger bloggers might well be ashamed to quote, even if the source being quoted weren't already well known to be a paranoid fantasist. I'd actually be interested in hearing about grounds for defamation after an entity purporting to be a news network uses such claims in a documentary.

And to think, I was feeling kind of badly lately about my OBWI rants regarding the nature of the beast formerly referred to as the Republican Party.

Apologies from Sean Hannity, should they be forthcoming, should NOT be accepted.

His career requires ruination. He shouldn't be able to step outside his door for any number of years without an angry mob threatening to tear him to pieces.

Ruin him now, and the rest of the filth, including Limbaugh, or they will accomplish new depths of ugliness during Obama's Presidency.

They WILL stoke nationalistic, anti-Semitic ugliness as the world's economic condition worsens.

These types always end up killing Jews when things get bad.

Going after Obama's origins was just a warmup.

They are an insult to cocksuckers everywhere.

Hey, there, I'm going way OT, but I wanted to be the first one here to announce that Krugman just won the Nobel Prize!


I like that.

"Rather's credibility was permanently damaged because of inadequate checking over the reliability of the new documents. CBS was raked over the coals for ages for having let this on the air."

Hannity is an opinion columnist equivalent -- a commentator; not a news anchor.

I'm hardly defending him; I'm just pointing out that that the two aren't remotely equivalent.

There's not much I can do but laugh at lines like...

This is why I propose a constitutional amendment to seize the property of the Jews, under due process and democracy, and to distribute obscene Jew wealth to feed the hungry, house the homeless and clothe the needy.

And this...

which has sought to steal my property and to have me killed by agents of Jewish thieve squads.

Just has me thinking of a great movie- Jerry Seinfeld and Billy Crystal are... Jewsassins!

MeDrew, isn't Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld practically the definition of a not-great movie? Don't make me make you watch Mr. Saturday Night ...

(I remember watching Mr. Saturday Night on videotape, back before DVDs and DVD extras; unusually for the era, there was an announcement from Billy Crystal before the abomination main feature, in which he said to watch through the credits for a special message. After the credits, Crystal came back on and said basically that he knew the movie was horrible, he was really very sorry, but it was the fault of the studio, who forced him to butcher the film, and if he'd been allowed to include a couple of scenes it would all have hung together and been transformed to a near-masterpiece. He then played the scenes - and they were easily worse than the proceeding excrescence. So, really, don't make me make you watch it.)

Haven't seen it, and now I'm scared to try... ^.^;

But I remain confident that the concept of the film will carry it through!

I'd recommend replacing one of the guys with Dr. Ruth, but a friend told me she was in the Israeli army for a while. A tiny woman who knows everything about sex is one thing. A tiny woman who knows everything about sex and can probably kill you with her bare hands is too ludicrous to be believable.

I've actually met Dr. Ruth Westheimer -- we had an Exciting Conversation back when I was working for a Big Publishing Company, and she got lost looking for our publisher, and stopped at my desk and asked me for directions -- oh, the thrills and glamour -- and in person she's exactly like she seems on tv.

But remember, she can actually kill you with sex.

But remember, she can actually kill you with sex.

Could you send me some wetnaps? There's iced tea all over my desk now.

Sadly, most Fox viewers don't even realize they're being played. They buy right into the "fair and balanced news" tag.

Back in the day, no patriotic American ever questioned authority. Many viewers regard the FNC anchors as authority figures, like a Crokite or Huntly and Brinkley were in their day. People seem to believe that these fine, upstanding Americans, whom they invite into their living rooms every night, would never, ever, deceive them. They also cling to the belief that the "news police" would never allow anchors to spew lies, distortions, or unfounded attacks.

Like my elderly relatives, many lack skills in critical use of media and an understanding of what technology can produce. They believe everything they hear, read, and see.

Some viewer feel reassured by Fox's morality campaigns, such as outlawing low-riding pants, banning bump and grind dancing at the prom, or cheering for outbound troops. These little distractions seem to confime that anchors are on the side of everything good and decent in America.

Election after election, they are swayed into voting against their own interests. No wonder the Republican Party ridicules those with higher education and mocks intelligence as an "elitist" quality. People are much more easily swayed when they don't question.

For many, Fox is the only available option for 24/7 news. It is broadcast in rural areas where other stations are not available.

I can excuse the elderly because it's a cultural thing, but what I find most alarming is how many young people today are being lured in and sucked under by right wing, conservative media bias.

"It is broadcast in rural areas where other stations are not available."

I wasn't aware Fox News is broadcast at all; do you have any cites on this, please?

Because the way these radicals work, they don't give you a big project until you pass muster with a small project.

Yeah, that is definitely how these radicals work, as well as Amway, the mafia, and almost any corporation in America.

In fact, the only place where this doesn't apply is the GOP where they give you big jobs if you know the right people even if you've completely fail at every small project so far.

My God, it's unintentionally hillarious

"Just has me thinking of a great movie- Jerry Seinfeld and Billy Crystal are... Jewsassins!"

Adam Sandler pretty much already did it.

Adam Sandler pretty much already did it.

Yeah, but Sandler came across as tough, not someone I'd mess with. Billy Crystal, on the other hand... Just imagine him stammering a joke just before he breaks your neck. You'd never know what hit you! He's the ultimate killing machine.

This is sickening. I would rather watch bad porno movies than Fox.

And don't say there are no bad porno movies.

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