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October 19, 2008


The Wrath of Hilzoy vs. the Complacence of Six Apart...

Im a just universe, Hilzoy would win. This is not a just universe. Sorry, I think the only way this is going to get fixed is to port the blog to working software.

Which, BTW, I've offered to do multiple times for free.

"(Typepad suddenly decided to limit the number of visible comments at any one time to 50)"

Sorry, you're saying that Eric was wrong when he announced that they were limited to 25, and then after I pointed out that it was reported that the limit could be 50, and Hilzoy announced that she was switching it to 50, she was wrong? That none of that happened?

It seems that either Hilzoy and I are lying, or your account is false.

In fact, Typepad announced a year ago, as documented by Eric, that they were move to 25 comments per page, and paginating, and then they implemented it here, and then subsequently we had the previously linked discussions, and Hilzoy upped the comments limit to 50. In reality.

When you give versions that are made up, and apparently are vague guesses, which contradict that which we know, it kinda undermines your credibility as a reporter of things that happen.

Quelle outrage?

gary - that was uncalled for. i don't know what exactly about me pisses you off so much, but it gets tiring. i happened to miss this in the earlier thread -- i'm sorry. jesus christ.

plus, what you're saying is inaccurate. typepad may have announced it a year ago, but they just recently implemented it that here.

And when I say "suddenly," I wasn't staking my journalistic credibility on the fact that it had in fact happened in the last 10 seconds, as opposed to two days ago.

your response was completely -- completely -- disproportionate to what i said.

I mean, i expected to get some comments on this, but not "you have no credibility and make stuff up". on a site update post.

seconded - Gary needs to get over himself.

Can I second moving the blog? Everywhere else I hang out can at least prevent italics

from leaking into the next comment

Enough said

Drat This is harder than I thought.


OK, if this doesn't workI give up.

Out of curiosity, did they change anything else besides just the pagination?

Ka-ching. Damn, I'm good.

What is the magic incantation? The usual terminator (LeftAngleBracket-slash-rightAngleBracket) didn't work.

I looked at the page source and saw that it wasn't keeping your close italics tag. So I closed both span and div, then closed italics.

Typepad apparently does some parsing/scrubbing when you post.

Of course, if you figure out what Typepad is doing and manage to fix it, will you please please please tell Fred Clark at Slacktivist?

I looked at the page source and saw that it wasn't keeping your close italics tag. So I closed both span and div, then closed italics.

Thanks for the advice, David. I'll bear that in mind for future reference.

FWIW, before the new "we page your comment threads" software, a multi-repetition of the close italics tag would generally work just fine. *sigh*

Typepad apparently does some parsing/scrubbing when you post.

Which makes it all the more annoying that in the parsing it doesn't notice the unclosed tags and close them. What's the point of "upgrading" the HTML handling without doing that?

Correction after a bit of experimentation: close div, then span, then italics (twice for good measure).

What a mess that makes of the page's validity, though. It's a shame.

IME it's rarely necessary to do more than (repeatedly) close the italics tag. The span and div closures are probably redundant.

Anarch - it appears that the close italics tags aren't making it through to the page. That's why I threw in the close div and span tags.

david - just in case we haven't, i want to thank you for the kind offer. it's obviously a big big step -- but it's something we'll definitely think about.

but thanks for the offer.

in fact -- if you'll email me offlist (at the obsidianinfo address), we can discuss what would be involved, etc.

i don't think people are opposed to doing it -- just worried about bugs, pain-in-the-arseness, etc.

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