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October 17, 2008


Just a warning re donations to Elwyn Tinklenberg's campaign: I read that his site has gotten overloaded with the flood of donations Rep. Bachmann's TV screed generated for him. Patience may be required.


That said, I just made my donation via hilzoy's link with no problems.

Never mind my 9:38.

I made my donation through ActBlue, as have other people to a total of maybe $40,000 this evening. This woman needs to be driven out of Congress in shame. It should be able to handle the traffic.

On a lighter note, Bachmann made news around the blogs last year for being a really, really big fan of Bush.

I am not so sure she would really want that investigation, because it doesn't sound like she is for the core American values as expressed in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

my gf and i threw El Tinklerman (hell of a name, there) $50--Michelle Bachmann has NO PLACE being anywhere near the levers of power.

I just hope Tinklenberg's campaign has a good plan for what to do with the donations.

The fact is, Bachman is giving USA a dose of truth that the hard left would rather cover up, Obama is a fraud, Dems are hate USA types and the Real Patriots need to rise up.

LOL! Thanks for the satire, Gary R! Wingnuts are so easy to immitate.

Q: How many therapists does it take to change a light bulb?

A: Just one, but the light bulb has to choose to change.

Unless you support the Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act, soon this will no longer be possible. Therapists from coast to coast will be left sitting in the dark.

I think Bachman is trying to show that she's just as stupid and vicious as Palin, and is hoping to be the R VP nominee in 2012.

Hey Michele! Some more money coming to your opponent because I'm pro-American enough not to want my country run by irrational people. If I hear of you making national news again, I'll contribute to your opponent again. Your call! And have a blessed day.

Jeeze. Was this what it was like with McCarthy? He must sure be proud.

I've gotta' say, though, I like her "Iraq State of Islam" conspiracy. It makes me giggle. I bet their flag has a big, mean-looking, frowning guy with a turban on it.

This, however: "I'd like the media to take a great look at the people in Congress and find out if they're pro-America or anti-America," would be kinda fun. Is it 'pro-American for Saxby Chambliss to have compared Max Cleland to Osama? Is calling for a HUAC-esque investigation on senators 'pro-American?'

The lady (not) should sponser the Dim Bulb Freedom of Choice Act.

She's going to need it.

The Republican Party manages to prove every election cycle that "The Bell Curve" had things wrong.

Whites = dumbasses. Low achievers.

Proud of it, too.

I wish they'd stop bringing down the median levels.

It makes me look bad. If it wasn't for Gary Farber, it's a wonder white civilization could hold together.

The Republican Party: Champions of early-onset stupidity and senescence.

It would be more bearable if it were just Bachmann. Sarah Palin says she prefers visiting the "pro-America" states.

Ha! I contributed $100 when I saw that nauseating clip at dkos. Not officially "Hell to Pay", but unofficially...

Sarah Palin says she prefers visiting the "pro-America" states.

Of course! That's why she's never appeared in any former Confederate states like Virginia, or North Carolina!

http://www.johnmccain.com/Calendar/>Hey... Wait a minute...

Sometimes, the best way to make someone look like a fool is to let her talk. So, kudos to Larry King for also having this wingnut bimbo on his show tonight. I didn't watch -- I only flipped over to CNN briefly during a commercial on Rachel Maddow's show. Did anybody catch it?

Also, does anybody know what counts as the home-town paper for the MN-6th?


The ActBlue donations to Tinklenberg have passed $54,000. Earlier today the number was only $2,500. And then there are the donations made through Tinklenberg's own site. That was a pretty good fundraiser Bachmann threw for him.

I don't want to lend this woman any credence, but I do think that outright banning the incandescent lightbulb is a poor choice. Give it a $1.00/bulb tax that goes to alternative energy research and keep increasing it over time. But people who like the light should be able to choose it; just at a price that compensates the rest of society for the actual cost of using it.

Tony, the St. Cloud Times seems to fit the bill.

Tinklenberg had raised a little over $1 million by the end of September. So I wouldn't be surprised if today brings him the equivalent of an extra month of fundraising.

Matthews nailed it later in the show when he told the Obama representative (Susan Cutter?) that Bachman's rant smacked of McCarthyism.

Bachman's constituents should be embarrassed by the jackass they put into elected office.

ET has raised up to $61K in just the past few hours via Act Blue.

can we get Bachmann on tv MORE?

@Dr. Dave: Her district gets their chance in a short couple of weeks ... and remember, if they return this obvious thug and loon, well, it's called Representative Democracy for a reason; we'll have to conclude this is how they want to be represented - as thugs and loons themselves.

I appreciate the grace and humor with which you guys accept this kind of bile. I just see red when I hear anyone question the patriotism of folks on the left.

My heros include (among many others) Molly Ivins, FDR, and John Galbraith. I am also a former Marine and a Iraq War veteran. So when I encounter scum like Bachman who want to question the patriotism of anyone with a dissenting opinion, I have a show stopper.

But I shouldn't.

I have numerous friends with similar political inclinations, and while most of them have never held a public service position in their lives, their opinions are no less informed, passionate and patriotic as my own. Often more so.

I'm here to tell you, fighting in a war had a profound influence on my life. What it did not do, however, is give me some special insight into foreign policy and what it means to be an American. As awful and stressful as war was, I have a friend who went through a messy divorce while I was gone, and, quite frankly, I'd rather have been in Iraq than have gone through what he did.

I suppose my point in this rambling tirade is this: Patriotism is demonstratively showing compassion and loyalty for the citizens of one's country. Everyone I know suffers hardships and sacrifice, often no less than what I suffered as a Marine overseas. What I have seen on the left end of the political spectrum is a consistent concern for not simply themselves, their 'tribe', or some ideology, but for all Americans. For making this country great, not just militarily, but in a way that promises a future for everyone from top to bottom. That, to me, is real Patriotism. With a capital P. I see that here every day, and you guys should be proud.

nice post, andrew.

oh, and "Molly Ivins, FDR, and John Galbraith" would've made for ONE HECK of a dinner party!

Thanks, Andrew, for the comment and for your service.

Plus she's a creationist -- I remember this from well before she reached Congress.

This woman looks like a cross between Ann Coulter and Shirley Phelps-Roper. Crazy look in her eye.

@ Rep. Bachmann:

"Have you no decency, madam? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?"

If Joseph Welch only knew.

Michelle Bachmann is a bit of a fixture over at Wonkette for bringing teh crazy. The one you missed, Hilzoy, that's pretty good, is when she said Nancy Pelosi was no Jesus for trying to save the world from global warming. Don't blame me, I didn't vote for her.

I just gave that twinkletoes guy money and I don't know one thing about him.

Inept interview by Tweety.

LTN: good to see you. And serves me right for not reading Wonkette. ;(

Thanks for posting this information. I was livid when I saw her on Hardball; and was wondering what I could do. I'm going to go donate $50. Now I feel a bit better.

Do you think it's mere coincidence that "The compact fluorescent lightbulb is a tool of liberal fascism" is the new "Fluoride in the water is going to turn our kids into gay communists"? I certainly don't. Just think about it: FLUORide, FLUORescent.

But it gets worse! Because "fluorescent" is basically "fluoride" + "crescent," and the crescent is the official favorite shape of scary Muslims like Barack Obama! It all falls into place! And the mainstream media needs to investigate this!

I think Kvetch is onto something: "Fluoride" is also like "flowers" (as in hippies) plus "ideas" (and we know what the Palin wing thinks of pointy-headed intellectuals) - and it's all connected, because the most common symbol for an idea is, yes, a Lightbulb! And what could be less manly than "scent"? For that matter, a "compact" is what the tree-hugging urbanite drives, while those people that Mooselini calls Real Americans drive SUVs.

Just a a little south of Bachman is Iowa's Rep. Steve King (R, Greater Wingnuttia).

King's current opponent, Hubler, isn't getting any traction.
Two years from now, can we have a little help toward regime change in IA 5 ?

[Hey! what’s w/this Next/Previous thing? Nobody warned me!]

Bernard pinned that donkey tail.
She’s a Sarah Pee wannabe. Wouldn’t be surprised to see others emerge from the woodwork, though the window of opportunity is closing.
Talk about tying your wagon to a, um...an exploding star? most of which is dust and ashes at this point?
Or maybe to a giant cockroach? dwindling by the day having aimed for something it had no grasp of and swallowed a really big poison pill fed to it by wily promoters that turned out be a esploding poison pill that confers superpowers like growing invisible tentacles that search out diseased minds and hearts and ignites them and lights up all their ugliest sides. And then the superpoisoned mystical-powered giant cockroach after it spreads poison everywhere esplodes and covers its followers with a sticky orange-purple-and green slime that looks like church picnic Jell-o™ and burns brains stupid.


felix: nobody warned us either. I hate it.

hilzoy, would it be possible for you to open a support ticket with typepad regarding the paged comments display "feature" (or even just the bug where recent comment links don't work for comments not on the first page)?


auditioning for Fafblog?

I suggest that trash-talking wingnuts be held to the standard newly established by Obama.

Say it to my face, or shut up.

Talk show hosts can have the targets of trash talk queued up on another line if necessary so that no opportunity for frank dialog will be missed.

Say it to my face, or shut up. It worked when we were all kids in the schoolyard, and it will work just fine now.

Thanks -

Turb: done. I also discovered that I could change the limit on comments per page from 25 to 50, and did.

A thousand thanks Hilzoy!

Gary Ruppert?

Of Sadly, No! fame? We have been blessed my friends. Troll hall of fame.

Tinklenberg has raised almost $500,000 since the Bachmann bit aired. Wow. Hope it's not too late to do some good.

You should see the comments on the Star Tribune. While most people think her comments are loathsome, some don't see what the big deal is. A lot of idiots are trying to make it a free speech issue.

From Andrew of the USMC:
"What I have seen on the left end of the political spectrum is a consistent concern for not simply themselves, their 'tribe',
or some ideology, but for all Americans.
For making this country great, not just militarily, but in a way that promises
a future for everyone from top to bottom. That, to me, is real Patriotism."

(60 seconds)
(drop salute very slowly)

Thank you, Marine.

Not too long ago, one of my best friends called me a Communist for caring about the low-income people who had been affected
by Hurricane Katrina.
He was yelling at me in my own house about personal responsibility and how a person should never expect others to help out in
a bad situation, because if he's in trouble it's *his fault* for being careless and not getting away in time, and others should not be asked to bail him out.

Then he hit me with the "You're a Commie!" thing.

I cried for several days after that. It really hurt.

I've been solidly Republican and solidly Conservative very nearly all of my life.

I don't understand why a fellow Conservative would call me a Commie if I'm a Conservative too. What, am I not supposed to have any compassion or human empathy for people in distress??

Michelle needs to fix her botox on her forehead as it is slightly uneven.

Americans are about to get the worst wake-up call ever, thanks to the Far Left agenda.

America's economy will be as they want, Limited to No-Growth (Club of Rome): meaning no retirement beyond what you already have.

Our taxes must increase 70% to 90%, as was during Roosevelt in the 1930's, to pay current and likely future Entitlements. Left, Right, or Center upper middle to upper lower class, can you survive on 50% to 40% or much less of your current Income. Even with Universal Health, you'll have to pay to get good CARE!!!

Obama and the rest of Washington will continue to Protect the Most Wealthy. Unfortunately, that's the way its always been and this will remain (read the History). Remember, Obama takes Advise from Buffet and Soros, and they own the biggest Hedge Funds in the World.

Good Luck ALL

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