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September 14, 2008


Wow. Why is it that remembered, written down terror is so calm when the real thing is so excruciating? My thoughts and prayers are with them all. As you say, we've got a lot of thought energy to share and I don't think its taking anything away from one to share it with the others. I hope Teresa is OK. She and Patrick do sterling work and it sounds like a hugely scary event.


just talked to publius. he's fine, but vowed never to try to ride out the hurricane again.

Good to hear about publius.

Hurricane Season seems to get scarier and scarier each year. I imagine some of that is the wall-to-wall media coverage that didn't exist in the past.

I live in Florida, its not just the media coverage, the weather is getting worse. Probably just god holding us closer.

crimelord, you gotta put the link to that. The accent was great.

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