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September 30, 2008


Welcome back to the land of the living, publius. Glad to see you've survived all the hurricane muck and now have the internet once again re-introduced into your life.

I want to see something similar, but with Putin's head photoshopped onto the top portion of Cthulu's head (tentacles below the nose), and have that Puthulu leering over Alaska.

Also, I hope you enjoy this fleeting period of tranquility and prosperity. Soon the great market crash of twenty aught-eight will take hold across the nation and across the world, leaving us utterly vulnerable to our impending doom.

Welcome back to the 21st century, and I hope and assume you and yours are OK, or at least recovering well. Now that you are back, of course, it is incumbent on you to fix everything.

Welcome back, Publius. Would still be interested in your hurricane experiences, when you have time to blog them.

Being out of touch for any week can make you feel like Rip van Winkle, but this past week has really been doozy.

Good to hear from you!

Welcome back! The Internets rejoice! Yay!!!

Glad to have you back, notwithstanding your diss of my girl Palin. :)

Hey, Publius, welcome back tothe land of the living.

Since this is more or less an open thread I'll post this notice to any one who is interested:

Emily is at the vet. It doesn't look good. She has had nine grand mal seizures in the last twenty four hours. The vet tec told me to pray for her.

So...I guess if you believe in prayer, please do. I don't so I'm justhopinng.

So sorry to hear that wonkie. I thought it might be bad but hoped for better. My thoughts are with you.

Thanks, Steve.

I'm very sorry, wonkie; best wishes.

Am I the only one who thinks the picture looks like Rudy Giuliani?

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