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September 24, 2008


Oh god. This is awful. I feel sorry for you, hilzoy. I feel sorry for Sarah Palin. I feel sorry for the USA. But most of all, I feel sorry for me -- me and my beautiful mind.

And to think: maybe tomorrow, maybe in a couple days, but without question, Sarah Palin will lower that bar yet again.

Drink, please. Make it an octuple, barkeep.

ohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease don't cancel the VP debate!

McCain was one of the steroid/baseball demagogues.

hilzoy, I think you may be wrong to say that Palin is a quick study. You have to take into account the material she has been studying. Since most of McCain's positions are bankrupt and his (and I may say his staffers) knowledge is sparse, she may actually being doing a good job of parroting back what they are telling her.

And remember, after the convention and the first few appearances with McCain she went back to Alaska where she was supposed to be thoroughly briefed. The word from the aides was that she was a quick study who rarely asked questions. IOW, a mile wide and an inch deep.

I'm giving the McCain campaign 50/50 odds of just flat-out saying that, no, Palin is not going to show up for any debate no matter what.

It fits their pattern of behavior: unilaterally trying to set the terms of the game to their advantage. Pretending to ignore anything they're terrified of.

My apologies making a duplicate comment, but this observation seems to belong more on this Palin-centric thread than the previous one which is focused on McCain:

What Obama and Biden should do is to announce, unilaterally, that he (Obama) will be in DC on Friday attending to the issue of the Wall St. bailout legislation.

Nevertheless, the debate will go on as scheduled. Joe Biden will take Obama's place, showing the American people that he (Joe Biden) is ready to step in at a moments notice if something were to happen to the President. That is what the VP must be ready to do.

Obama and Biden will both state that they expect that Sarah Palin will also show up in place of John McCain, assuming she is ready for the task.

The subject of the debate will be foreign policy, as previously scheduled. When a VP has to step in for a President, they don't get to pick and choose the time or the subject at hand. They have to play the cards already dealt.

LeftTurn has the right idea: Test how well the VP picks do at taking over when the guy at the top isn't available. We can have the VP debate this Friday.

that would be a test of how well the moderators can come up with a new set of focus-grouped questions.

it's not like they can give Biden the Rev Wright questions they were planning for Obama.

Eh: I think Obama has played it well so far, and that letting McCain dictate terms the way he seems to want to would be a mistake.

It would, of course, be different if he were actually needed in DC, or for that matter if his going to DC would not be anything other than a monstrous headache for the people who are trying to hammer out a deal. I think he's right to accept the President's invitation -- he is, after all, the President -- but not McCain's.

COURIC: Would you support a moratorium on foreclosures to help average Americans keep their homes?

Hmm, deferring a decision because of the looming economic crisis... it's like something else that was in the media today... I can't quite place it


I've seen more cogent answers on essay questions that got graded as "C"s in high school. And those were usually festooned with red ink notes like "cite specifics" "provide support" and (my favorite) "I know you can do better than this."

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