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September 10, 2008


Why do the Democrats want to teach our children to have sex with bears?

(Clearly, they want our children to be furries.)

those bears look like the woodland critters in South Park's ImaginationLand: the critters that turn out to be more evil than any other imaginary evil character we've ever invented. they are so evil they even shock Jason from Friday The 13th.

I await John McCain's denunciation of scouting.

He's too busy making boy scouts wave stolen miniature American flags at his campaign rallies to denounce them.

But, but, but... the comic book is for grades 1-5. Obama wants to teach perverted sex to kindergarten kids. Can't you see the difference?!?! Bridge to Nowhere

This message brought to you by McCain for President;>

...and we heard a plane and then the next thing we knew Wolfy had taken a shot to the head

Has anyone else noticed how much McCain's voice resembles the stereotypical voice of a dirty old child molester? If you listen to him speak, and forget everything you've been told about what a hero he is, he sounds really shifty and villainous.

Why are John McCain & the Republican Party helping pedophiles & child molesters by standing up for their rights to attack our children?

Barack Obama supported a bill to help our vulnerable children recognize sex predators and seek help when they felt they were in danger.

But not John McCain & the Republican Party. By attacking Obama for trying to keep our children safer from sex predators, John McCain & the Republican Party must want to help pedophiles & child molesters.

America can't afford to make our children more vulnerable to those sick criminals.

(Let's see how they like it. Seriously. We need to do this. F*** this stuff about 'the high road,' tell it to President Kerry.)

In fact, this comic is why Sarah Palin decided to start hunting bears.

Filthy-minded woodland beasts deflowering kids' minds. Kill 'em all!

Thanks Gary, the reference to teh furries just made me chortle coffee all over my keyboard. That would be a campaign innuedo ad that I would pay to watch.

That's great, el cid. Start a fund to get your ad on the air, and I'll contribute.

That's great, el cid. Start a fund to get your ad on the air, and I'll contribute.

El Cid,

You can add the fact that Newsweek is reporting that in 2005 a judge referred to Palin's behavior in the matter of her sister's divorce as "a form of child abuse."

The 527 ad practically writes itself:

"In 2005, an Alaska judge ruled that then Mayor Sarah Palin was engaging in child abuse.

"Now McCain and Palin are attacking Barack Obama for supporting a program designed to teach children to protect themselves from such abuse.

"Why do Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain oppose keeping our children safe?"

i am certainly guilty of wishing Obama would fight fire with fire. but on the other hand, look at what McCain is reducing himself to. Obama's staying cool and rational, and McCain is reduced to outright, baldfaced, shameless lying and smearing. McCain is making absolutely ludicrous attack ads and countering Obama's relatively mild barbs with laughable faux-hysterics.

McCain is making an absolute fool of himself (and, somehow, the press is starting to notice), while Obama stands there and lets him. if Obama gets down in the mud with McCain, the press will never notice which of the two is the real pig.

Actually a social service worker said that if palin knew a child had been abused by being tazed an she did not report it immediately, but used it three years later in her sister devorce proceedings she broke the law! She as a Mayor or Govenor covered up child abuse! That is a seriouse offense folks! you don't go try to get the guy fired three years later while he is in a custody/devorce battle with your sister. You report it to social service who than looks into the alligations, and sends it to the county or district attorney! Ya, this woman abused her power all right, in more than one way!

I'll ask President Kerry if he thought George W. Bush Jr. made a fool of himself in 2004.

Obama != Kerry
McCain != Bush
2004 != 2008

One of my favorite folksy sayings:

Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and the pig likes it.

Words to live by, my friends.

Kerry sure did stay clean in 2004.

Never wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and the pig likes it.

How'd that work out for John Kerry, hairshirthedonist?

I suspect there is, hidden and working in some anonymous mountain fastness, a council of superannuated surrealists; Tzara, Bretón, Buñuel, the whole crazy lot, devising the McCain campaign.
It takes real brilliance to build such a teetery tower of pernicious fabrications on such a self-evidently insubstantial foundation projected distortedly onto public screens everywhere.
Pynchon couldn’t devise such a scenario (McCain’s campaign) himself; it bears the marks of many disordered minds working blindly to fight their way back to the bottom while trying to save their decaying bacon, all the while watching it disintegrate in their pincers.

Termites working underground to eat away at the institution of democratic elections. If this is how they respond to the challenge of electoral politics, what will they do with the government as their anthill empire?

el cid,

If the Obama campaign runs your proposed ad, I will make a MAJOR campaign contribution to them. At least $30!


Please stop. The English language doesn't have health insurance.

alberta treadway, That's why I'm skeptical that those allegations were true (as well as that the ex-BIL threaghtened to kill somebody). Those allegations only came about after the fact. And most people know that lots of allegations are said during the course of a divorce.

McCain and Palin are more interested in protecting pedophiles than in teaching your children to protect themselves! Demand to know why!

Er... due to that crazy font, my eyes first read "POWERFUCK PALS"...

Oh sure, blame the font.

How'd that work out for John Kerry, hairshirthedonist?

How'd the opposite work out for Dan Rather, Ben Alpers? Seriously, though, not wrestling with a pig doesn't mean you can't defend yourself vigorously against attacks in this political context. That's really what Kerry failed to do. What it does mean is that you don't stoop to dishonest smears against your opponent simply because your opponent does that to you. Going after relevant policy issues and debunking their lies are well in bounds.

Oh, the Boy Scouts are even worse. They put multiple Pedo Bears on the front of one of their publications.

Ben Alpers: How'd that work out for John Kerry, hairshirthedonist?

He won the election. He just didn't get the landslide victory he needed to overcome the Republican vote-rigging - which appears to be roughly 6-7% in their favor (the margin by which Palin won in Alaska, according to Diebold, though polls predicted a close race).

They put multiple Pedo Bears on the front of one of their publications.

And then disguised two of them as a wolf and a tiger. That's just how damn sneaky they really are.

Hit back with the same type of stuff ala el cid. God knows the thugs have left enough ammunition lying around it ought to be easy. Where are all my creative HATEFUL liberal friends when I need them?

Well, according to well-informed sources* the Boy Scouts are a gay front.

*Unfortunately they are German and printed in Fraktur or written in Sütterlin ;-)

Apage italici!

How dare those damn liberals try making the world safe from Good Republican pedophiles like Mark Foley, and others- http://dfa.meetup.com/boards/thread/2075382

And then disguised two of them as a wolf and a tiger

A Pedo Bear in wolf's clothing...

Has anyone read the material.

The shipping was 7.50 for me to order it. I hope McCain endorses these very simple books that enable parents to read and review with their children.

Much better then the government ran schools giving sex education classes to 4th graders. More tools for parents the better.

Thanks Boy Scouts of America for helping the Community.

I hope McCain endorses these very simple books that enable parents to read and review with their children

Don't count on it. He was busy ranting about pigs and lipstick the last I heard.

Well, according to well-informed sources* the Boy Scouts are a gay font.

Jeez, don't start in with the bizarre fonts! Next thing you know, we'll have Buckhead over here, kerning all over his keyboard (perhaps after a particularly intense spurt of jonanism).

Re: wrestling with pigs: does the pig have to have lipstick on? And if so, does that make you sexist for noticing? And has the pig ever been tazed by its father, because he caught it doing a terrist "fist" jab with the other shoats? And what if the pig was a POW? And ... what about ... Naomi?

Ad on Sex Education Distorts Obama Policy.

The Power Pack Pals comics are available at your local scout shop.

The BSA has a very well documented and IMHO admired youth protection program these Power Pack Pals comics are one avenue the BSA uses to try to eliminate child abuse and molestation. Every adult leader has to take a youth protection class and test. No leader is ever allowed to be alone out of ear and eye shot with a scout.

The BSA encourages youth and adults to report potential abuse, to stand up for the childrens rights. This is not about sex ed but about abuse.

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