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September 07, 2008


best post title ever - :)

thanks - i had forgotten about this one. this was the helter skelter era of LF apparently.

You may have forgotten about it. But ever since I first read it, there's a whole genre of false equivalency editorials that cause the image of naked David Broder on a half-shell to appear in my mind.

It's like having some awful Madonna song lodged in your head.

That's a lot to answer for. ;)

That was a good post. How come he doesn't write posts like that at ObWi?


Gary, I present to you:


publius, I hope you're still not smarting over Andrew Sullivan's slap.

He did that Koffman award thing, or whatever, because in his heart of hearts he knows your pen is at least his equal.

no cite, Gary. sorry.

Dear publius:

Scarred. For. Life.

yrs sncrly,


Gary, I present to you:

The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858 (Slight Return)

Fixed that for you. *eg*

The fact-check imbalance is even worse than you describe, because Obama himself said "90%" -- I remember, because it led into the joke that he personally didn't want to take a 10% chance on change.

But I guess if the WaPo used that version everyone's head would explode. Mine sure would.

The mainstream media should look into the allegations of Palin's extramarital affair:


Oh, I almost forgot - only Democrats have their extramarital affairs splattered all over the mainstream media. Like John Edwards, who is a private citizen and is not running for any public office.

The mainstream media mostly ignored it when reported by the National Enquirer in Edwards' case too. For good reason.

True, Trilobite, but then I don't think Edwards sent his spokesman out to talk to the press about the National Enquirer story and threaten legal action. The fact that McCain did indicates to me that the campaign has decided to essentially spread the more tawdry rumors themselves as much as possible, to help build up resentment against the media and make it easier to dismiss any more legitimate stories being reported.

The CD: I have no doubt that they are looking into it. When someone comes up with evidence, I will take note of it. Until then, the Edwards scoop has not completely destroyed my distrust of the National Enquirer. Although I am indebted to it for the fact that my cats now understand, sort of, the phrase: "Inquiring kittens want to know!"

For God's Sake, Hilzoy!
I know you're trying to make a point... but did you have to put the image of a naked David Broder into my head?

Could you please ask readers to contact ABC and insist on a Palin interview with real substance. American voters deserve it.

Hey, Publius! I linked to you.

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