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September 13, 2008


Also, one parameter of co-sponsorship is that a senator with longer experience would be asked to co-sponsor legislation as both a courtesy and a plus, where as the less experienced senator should not turn up as often. Your list seems to indicate that McCain either is not someone who has worked effectively in the atmosphere of the senate or that Obama has worked hard either on those bills or on forging good relationships with other senators. It would be interesting to see how this broke down on a partisan basis (there is probably some sort of visual representation that would show if Obama is getting this from Democratic colleagues along, or from a more balanced group of senators)

OT,is Publius ok?

crimelord: I haven't heard one way or the other. He did say he expected to lose power, though.

I am a hard-working private citizen who does not follow politics for a living. However, I believe it is my obligation to inform myself as a citizen. This has led me to find useful websites that value objectivity above vitriol.

Hilzoy, you have performed a tremendous service here; I thank you. You have taken the time and made the effort to search the facts on record. These facts are searing refutation of the mindless, baseless storyline injected (not for the first time) at the Republican Convention.

Anyone--ANYONE with moderate intelligence--who actually reviews the record can see an impressive difference in the nature of the records between Obama and McCain. Where Obama has grasped opportunities to make inroads on overarching and sometimes global themes, we see McCain is frequently absorbed in the parochial, and occasional microadministerial housekeeping issues.

For all the grand talk of experience, it is hard to imagine anyone looking at this record and presuming McCain should be the one trumpeting experience. And it is entirely shameless and dishonorable that McCain should abide the lies (i.e. that Obama has no legislative accomplishments) that come from his running mate and spokespeople on the topic.

For the first time in several years I saw the opening bit on Saturday Night Live. I have already seen it discussed in the morning papers. What has been and likely will continue to be missed is the final challenge by the actress portraying Hillary--begging the media to "grow a pair".

I started by saying I don't follow politics for a living. How utterly ridiculous that the people who DO follow politics for a living--and are granted First Amendment protections to ensure we are free to maintain an informed public--how ridiculous that they use their positions and protections to offer us nothing. Less than nothing as they become toxic carriers of diseased misinformation and gossip.

Yes, Media, please grow a pair. Along with a brain worthy of your granted protections that considers the serious common need to be accurately informed, while you're at it.

In the meantime, thank you Hilzoy!

Kudos to hilzoy for the extensive work.
Unfortunately such lists are completely unsuitable for radio/TV and not page 1 material for "normal" print media. Even people that are generally interested in the relative legislative achievements of the candidates (but are not info junkies) will hesitate to read the whole list in detail.
What would be needed for the media is a concise analysis (but even that would overstrain the low info voters that have the greatest need for it).

Perhaps they could be broken down by issue and featured as issue-based legislation reports, with a general overview globally summarizing Obama vs McCain and providing a POV then a shorter summary with each issue topic detailing the highlight laws and key learning re the candidates.

NOBODY has taken the time to conduct such a terrific, comprehensive review. I am so fedup defending Obama's brilliance and substance against the idiots who call him an "empty suit", or McCain campaign's lies. Did you hear Giuliani on Meet the Press - sneering and saying Obama's legislative achievements were negligible and he accomplished zero as a community organizer....whereas Sarah Palin, she, the total crackpot, compares favorably with Obama in the achievement dept. LOL

If you could see your way to condensing your work with the introductory comparisons and summary analyses (lists of laws can be appended), I believe is a major missing piece in the "why don't people get Obama's readiness to be President" puzzle. Obama has his lovely 80-page online Blueprint for Change on his site, but nobody's going to read that. this oeuvre should then be sent to EVERY MEDIA OUTLET AND POLITICAL SITE AND BLOG in USA. I would like to offer any help I can with the latter, even just data entry, whatever. Anc camp Obama could usefully profit from it - -

Interesting to see that half of the bills McCain placed on the calendar in this congress relate to frequency/broadband/internet issues:
S.1675, S.1853, S.2128

Since we know that McCain is not necessarily Larry Lessig, my first guess would be to see what Comcast's interest in all this is (aka "Follow the Money"). My guess is that plenty of friendly sounding McCain bills, such as this one -- "S.1675: A bill to implement the recommendations of the Federal Communications Commission report to the Congress regarding low-power FM service. (McCain the only original co-sponsor)" -- are actual raw giveaways to special interests that block progress.

Somebody knowledgeable on the subject feel free to correct me!

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