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September 03, 2008


Making a claim in executive experience is irrelevant. No one other than Palin can really claim any.

The focus has to be changed to more important issues.

yeah. a great speech.

so great, in fact that i just gave another $100 to Obama.

The reasons Huchabee was passed over are: 1) he has some problems from his terms as governor with "gifts" such as chain saws 2) to the best of my knowledge, he isn't a woman.

The answer is easy...Huckabee would show McCain up. Both as a speaker, as to his resume (executive experience) and as someone appealing to the "base".

"could have made a more plausible claim on the executive experience front"

A more plausible claim than Obama's?

someone needs to explain why we care about the VP nom's executive experience.

how much executive power does the VP have ? next to none.

The Club for Growth *loathes* Huckabee. I assume the plutocrat end of the Republican Party blackballed him.

Because the goal was to placate the christian right base, not to let them have an extra set of keys to the car.

"how much executive power does the VP have ? next to none."

Except when he becomes president in a crisis. While most presidents take power under normal situations, a vice president must take control under what is by definition a crisis situation. You want a steady hand in that situation.

The Club for Growth *loathes* Huckabee.

It's tough to thread the needle between fundamentalisms.

Economic on one hand, social/cultural/religious on the other.

McCain's got his work cut out for him.

Thanks -

Because if Huckabee were the Veep, McCain would actually have to listen to the evangelicals, rather than cynically ignore them after getting their vote.

Huck got shot down form being too much of a populist.

Proponents of Gov. Palin's executive experience as a positive feature ought to identify the ways in which the prior executive experience of Presidents Clinton and Carter was useful in the White House.

I think a pretty credible case can be made that their greatest weaknesses as Presidents stemmed from their having been small state governors.

Man, I totally agree. Huckabee is a compelling speaker. He's always seems to be at his best when he's telling stories as he did tonight with the story about desks in the classroom. He also singlehandedly manages to be more compassionate and connected to ordinary people than rest of the Republican field combined.

He's also great in front of a camera and he even has enough wit and humor to do well on the Colbert Report (Texas air hockey!). I would love Huckabee if he could just never talk about politics.

The story about the desks just made me think about what an a**hole the teacher was and how annoyed I would have been.

I think the personal element has to be in play here. I think John McCain, convinced of his own reasonableness, takes political opposition very personally.

I can't listen to any of these people, find it much more bearable and time-efficient to read the high/low points after the fact.

But I'm intrigued (and agree that Huckabee has a genuine-y-ness that the other R candidates of this season lacked entirely). Is anyone willing to relate/paraphrase the story about the school desks?

Nell, search for "desk" here (after getting an anti-glurge injection).

KCinDC: The story about the desks just made me think about what an a**hole the teacher was and how annoyed I would have been.

Oh, yeah. But the first thing that occurred to me at the punchline was: "how did she get 20 veterans to go along with her silly prank?" (Then I looked it up in Snopes and found it was a military history class and the teacher was the daughter of a WWII veteran and regularly had veterans visit her class as part of the lesson: that made it more explicable.)

I agree. I don't like his positions, but the man is exceptional at connecting with an audience. He was the only VP candidate I was actually a little afraid of, and after tonight, my opinion hasn't changed.

James Fallows had the same thought I did: don't schoolchildren in dictatorships have desks too?

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