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September 12, 2008


[I just rewrote this to not ask any questions, to minimize the contribution to threadjacking.]

If you intended your last three posts to simply explain your thought process, you've done that. You haven't done it in a way that could convince skeptics to see it as justified and well-considered - for the same reason as my next point.

If you intended the posts to in any way convince anyone that an actual (instead of just perceived) harm had been done to your nephew, you've failed by not making any effort to demonstrate that you aren't just making sh!t up. I'm not accusing you of that; I remain agnostic. But the factual content you've provided to allow anyone who was remotely skeptical to evaluate factual historical reality and move closer to your position is nonexistant.

In my opinion, this method of argumentation is rather disrespectful towards your conversation partners, because any of them not inclined to give you the sweeping benefit of the doubt risk looking like an @ss. [Hi!]

Still, as an explanation of your mindset and where you are coming from, it is fine - since we've little choice but to take each others' words for that anyway.

I don't know if ken is telling the truth or not, but I wonder who he would have supported if he felt that a woman had gotten his nephew's place.

"that democracies don't go to war with each other"

Serbia wasn't a democracy?

"I can never forgive him for useing racism against the Clintons."

How did Barack Obama do that?

"But I also will no longer support afirmative action, preferential admission policies and other programs designed to assist minorities gain access to good job opportunities."

What does Barack Obama have to do with this?

"But we also know that when somone like him does not get accepted it is because they made room for a minority applicant with lower GPA. Skin color made all the difference."

How, exactly, do you know this? Please be specific.

"jes, Your comment about me is typical racism."

Can you please define what you mean by "racism"?


Also, more on topic...

John McCain doesn't need a backup. He's the Tom Brady of American Foreign Policy.

[This vastly overstates McCain's competence, and vastly understates the contributions of the rest of the Patriots' team, but still seems like a good comparison to make to the (sadly) majority of likely voters who pay little attention to the people they'll choose between.]

I've never understood why universities and similar institutions turn away customers.

Ken's nephew AND the individual who supplanted (in Ken's view) him should have been admitted.

We need the doctors.

We don't need doctor's clubs.

We don't need racist doctors.

I've been away from the computer all day, so I'm disappointed to come back tonight to find no response from ken. Perhaps tomorrow.

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