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September 14, 2008


Just wanted to add my voice of thanks for your putting these posts together, hilzoy!

It's a very valuable and meaningful comparison. That it is likely to be roundly ignored by the people being paid to cover this campaign is a serious indictment of our media.

In fact, it's kind of appalling that they didn't do this months ago.

A wish,
I would like to see, during the debate, the candidates be asked about the details of the bills they sponsored or co-sponsored and why they feel they were important. Unfortunately, you would probably have a George Will like cockroach reduce the question to discuss the most important bill you co-sponsored and let the McCain campaign know it was coming, so he could cram.

Hilzoy, I appreciate all the hard work you have done and will try to post a link to your blog so as many people as possible can read this.
I wish you would send this around to the news outlets like CNN, NY TIMES, ect., as this is important for as many people as possible to look at this and make those comparisons in order to decide who is the better candidate for this job.
We need more like this and less lipstick silliness.

I think this SHOULD be finalized into the most digestible format and absolutely distributed to all the MSM. I'm going to follow Palin and Giuliani's campaign route and get it to the local media BEFORE they deliver their misleading mischief. I think he just did Boston - I'll check. To dispel the myth and expose the insulting McCain/Palin/Giuliani/Tucker Bounds lies about Obama's alleged impoverished record, would be a huge contribution. We have to remove the veil. I don't know you guys, but this is hot stuff and I'll do all I can, too.

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