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August 19, 2008


Don't forget how we got rid of all the torture chambers in Iraq too.

Don't you know 9/11 changed everything, and we can no longer afford to prop up anti-democratic and unpopular regimes in the Muslim world.

Or in the United States, either.

Off topic a bit but since you mentioned them, didn't the two Iraq the Model brothers bail to the US?

And aren't they still here?

Off topic a bit but since you mentioned them, didn't the two Iraq the Model brothers bail to the US?

And aren't they still here?

Something like that. I know there was a bit of disillusionment at one point, and some other goings on, but I confess to not following their blog for some time.

When I first read this:

"Back in May, I made mention of what was then a three-pronged plan to subvert the democratic process in Iraq"

my eyes somehow skipped over the words 'mention of', and I thought: huh??!

Yes, my ObWi takeover plans include Iraq. No self-respecting megalomaniac would be caught dead without such addenda...

Hey! That's my plan for taking over Iraq. Get your own!

I don't suppose megalomania is conducive to cooperative efforts...

Wow, the Iraqis are purging the voting rolls based on political considerations? Sounds like Karl Rove's vision of democracy to me. I'll bet McCain wishes he had some militias to use rather than just "Loyal Bushie" Attorneys General.

Props for the "democracy, whiskey, and sexy!" reference. Made me giggle.

I'm content to rule the Duchy of Grand Fenwick. It's much easier, and we have wine.

"democracy, whiskey, and sexy!"

No "And."

RepubAnon has it right. They (the Iraqis) have obviously learned all the right moves form the Bush adminsitration. It is just that over there they even get away with sending the Army after the polic and their political opponents and wipe them out that way. Here the Republicans are stuck with just basic fear and intimidation and non-fatal voter suppression techniques.

And nobody* said anything about a liberal democracy to be established in Iraq.

*in the usual sense of "nobody could have...!!!"

If we were ultimately going to install a typical Third World strongman in Iraq, wouldn't it have been simpler and less painful to do that immediately after we deposed Saddam?

For that matter, we could have just left Saddam in place, and skipped the whole war.

That Chalabi guy just turned out to have too close ties to neighbouring Iran and even the pro-strongman fraction of Iraqis couldn't stand him. In typical Rummy fashion there was no immediate backup, so they had to go for mockdemocracy instead. Although there are enough femaledogffsprings in Iraq, none of them passed the smell test yet to become Saddam the Sequel.

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