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August 24, 2008


Well, since we're on the subject of Alice Cooper...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=34wrCbpvXAo>Best Alice Cooper clip ever.

But, hey. I'm biased and love The Muppet Show. ^.^;

Actually, the last 0:05 works for me, with Obama in the Alice role...

A twitter account seems the ideal format for frequent brief posts from the convention floor -- or the rock star suite.

(Plus it would be nifty for ObWi to chirp in on Twitter's public timeline, which is already a bit like _Cloud Atlas_ in haiku form ...)

i refuse to use twitter. and, taking the reporting off ObWi proper makes discussing whatever you report awkward.

"I'm toying around with setting up an ObWi twitter account for next week. Thoughts?"

I'm not sure what that means. I'm vaguely aware of Twitter, but what would an "ObWi twitter account" be?

Basically - I would set up an account that Eric, Hilzoy or I could write brief comments on. It's almost like a tally of IMs.

People would then "follow" us and you could see what we say and hten comment and ask questions. The comments have to be under 140 characters, so it's sort of like a quick-hit, less-substantive comment thread on crack.

the kids apparently loves it

"It's almost like a tally of IMs."

So there'd be no connection to the blog, other than that it would be you three doing it? And how would we "follow" you?

Why not just post to the blog?

I'd vote for substantive, thoughtful, posts, rather than quick notes about what you're doing, myself.

Twitter is definitely not a substitute for substantive, thoughtful posts to the ObWi blog. It's more like a place to report a single detail of interest, such as an overheard one-liner, or to alert people to an imminent or ongoing event.

It's also different from ObWi in that while others could certainly "comment and ask questions", these comments and questions won't be collected all in one place, except from the perspective of Eric, Hilzoy, & Publius. (At least, that's how it works on single-user Twitter accounts.)

Cleek, why do you refuse to use Twitter? Is there something unethical I should know about them?

My experience with Twitter is pretty limited, partly because what I have seen seems to be a confusing muddle. I can't see getting much out of ObWi messages (and replies, which I'm not even sure how to see) mixed together with whatever else I might be following. And would the "ObWi" messages be from Publius, Eric, and Hilzoy, sharing a account? Maybe I'm missing something, but it doesn't sound like it would have much of what we come to ObWi for.

Oh, please, no! I have absolutely no idea how to use Twitter, what it is exactly, and I am not sure that I want to learn. I know that most ObWi readers and posters are more computer literate than I am, but I am surely not the only one who reads you faithfully for whom this would be a hardship, or either I (and those like me) will just be left out. Argh. Maybe I am just too old...Do as you wish.

ok - you guys have talked me out of it. you're probably right that it might be more trouble for people than it's worth.

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