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August 29, 2008


As long as I'm wallowing in immaturity: It speaks well of the blogosphere that I have not as yet heard any jokes about Palin and drilling.

Not on the blogosphere but on, either the Daily Show or the Colbert Report I think, last night when mentioning the rumors about her. They mentioned something about her, drilling, then comedic pause and ironic look. So it shouldn't take long to hit the blogosphere.

If we stick to talking about facts about Palin-- especially since she's such an unknown-- then we'll be fine. Whenever criticing her Dems need to say something nice about her being the first GOP woman VP and then the talking points-- rinse, wash, repeat.

Here's just a few things: she's radically pro-life (no exceptions ever), she supported Pat Buchanan in 1996 and 2000, she's pro-creationism and denies global warming, and she makes a lot of noise about being an ethics reformer but is under investigation for ethics violations herself.

Don't stray from these points-- don't talk about her experience or anything else.

Bill Maher was on fire last night during the fall debut of his HBO show.

On McCain-Palin: That's not a presidential ticket. That's a sitcom -- "Maverick and the MILF."

The more I was thinking about all of these closeted gay Republicans we were talking, the more I was thinking how much I respect Barney Frank.

Tactics: how good, really, is the tactic when probably over 40 million Americans watched Obama's speech without the filter?

As for Joe Biden, I think that it doesn't necessarily change much. Part of why he was brought in was to lay into McCain. In the debate, he'll keep laying into McCain, and it will be up to Palin to defend McCain and tear down Obama. I don't think she's dumb ala Dan Quayle (we'll see in the coming days, I suppose), but she's going to have to come a long, long way to succeed: she doesn't know McCain, wouldn't endorse him earlier, and doesn't have a lot of experience talking about these issues. I'm not sure that the VP debate will make much of a difference unless one of them makes a horrible gaffe, and as long as Biden stays focussed on McCain, I think she's a lot more likely to have a gaffe.

The creepy bit was sending a letter that she wrote signed by God. Maybe you come from a very different religious tradition than I do, but impersonating God strikes me as deeply revolting.

It's evangelical religious kitsch, and it has an audience.

Palin is walking, talking Americana kitsch. It has an audience.

If you think of candidacy for vice president of the US as serious, responsible undertaking, Palin is a ridiculous choice.

If you think of it as a marketing strategy, she's actually a pretty clever one.

There are, today, millions of Americans who are saying to themselves, "I'm not sure I like McCain, but that Palin is one spunky little filly!". Or, something to that effect.

As much as it might boggle the mind, IMO it was a good pick.

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