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August 27, 2008


This thread seemed lonely. Cheer up thread! Look, cute puppies!

Wait, they look kind of sad. Um, crap.

Nice going ugh...

publius, is the picture of Kerry blurry because you were running out of the room?

Steve Clemons is an interesting guy. He's about my age and got involved in Japan-US relations when it seemed like the relationship would be the most important (or at least a lot more important) and spent a lot of time cultivating relationships and such over here. But I think he saw that Japan was going to be a dead-end and for someone who wants to be able to deal with politics and policy, he repurposed himself. My objection is that he comes off as too deep establishment, but I guess you don't do what he does by being an iconoclast. I thought that after the way he went after Bolton, he would be a bit more out there, but I guess you don't do what he does by being out there.

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