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August 22, 2008


The deputy communications director for the McCain campaign, Michael Goldfarb, quipped yesterday: "If one of Senator Obama's advisers has been to Damascus, we just wonder how many have been to Tehran."

What? Goldfarb didn't know? Kurtzer's mom is Iranian, and they meet up every other Saturday down in her basement with the Iranian Ambassador to Syria, the head of the secret police, and Ahatola Khomeini for six hour mountain dew fueled D&D games. Khomeini plays the cleric.

When Obama's people go to Teheran, they bring a bible signed by the President, a cake, and a couple of cargo containers full of Hawk anti-aircraft missiles.

It's traditional.


(particularly liked this: "Khomeini plays the cleric" - not that I would know that a cleric is a character in D&D. Just guessing. Nervous laughter.)

With all the fuss about McCain's many houses, I decided to take the Washington Posts "photo tour" of the houses themselves. I saw something that worried me much, much more than a guy being rich.

The photo showed McCain walking down a long corridor in his Phoenix condo, labeled the "Hall of Fame". The hall was decorated, literally floor to ceiling, with framed documents and photos. They were crowded together, as though someone had wanted to get as many as possible onto that wall.

I really, really hope that the "fame" referred to isn't McCain's own. I hope that some of the framed documents are letters from George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, and that some of the photos are of Teddy Roosevelt or US troops during WWI/WWII.

But I'm concerned that is probably not the case. And if the "Hall of Fame" showcases McCain's own achievements- then I'm very worried that the guy who wanted that hall, the guy who regularly walks through that hall, is encouraging himself to become a guy incapable of questioning and rethinking his own decisions. Not a good quality in a president.

Speaking of the Bush Administration's first term, let's all let this pass by!

Anne E:

All of the pictures in McCain's hallway are pictures of his other houses, including the one-bedroom walk-up in Hanoi.

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