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July 22, 2008


In the post you linked, Matthew Yglesias wrote the following:

...that Iraq might muddle along okay or might turn into a disaster all depending on what choices Iraqi leaders make.
While I agree the choices the Iraqi politicians make will affect their chances of success, I believe this phrase places too much onus on the decisions made by Iraqis. Certainly, I think a country like Canada, which does not have almost a quarter of its population living as refugees, which as not suffered half a million excess deaths, and which as a functioning economy, has a slightly better chance of weathering the routine blunders all politicians make.

Well at least people are admitting the violence is down in Iraq and the statistics produced by Coalition and Iraqi Government aren't lies and propaganda (like MoveOn.Org unsuccessfully tried to state back in September). I'd call that progress!

I think this later post by Matt is more to the point.

I think this Kevin Drum post is way more succinct.

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