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July 22, 2008


You can't avoid Darwin, you can only postpone him.

the guy can't run a friggin web site and he thinks he can run a country ?

"I find myself editing my posts until they become almost meaningless and barren of information."

Heh. It's a Republican candidate's site. This is most likely considered a feature, not a bug.

wow. s.o.me of the co.mme.nts o.ver t.h.e.re look ex.act.ly like [email protected] Spa.m !

My friends, that's straight talk you can, with sufficiently effort, just manage to express, if you are patient and willing to abuse the English language!

Given the apparently preferred workaround, it looks like McCain is trying to bring the internet back to its roots in Morse code telegraphy. Now that's true conservatism!

This plus the supposed open (but actually handpicked) town hall meetings are more indications of McCain being like Bush. They can't handle criticism, so they do everything in their power to avoid any voices of dissent.

It's also funny that McCain is offering some kind of "points" program to get people to comment nicely about him on various blogs. Talk about pathetic.

You are aware of what Obama’s site has let be posted, with no moderation, and even let stand for months? I’ll have to give you LGF links…

Um, OCSteve, I'm not aware of the stuff that's been permitted through lack of oversight to remain on the Obama site's boards, because I read neither those boards nor LGF, and because I don't much care.

I would however make two points:
1) The fact that some troll comments have been there for months while LGF froths about them suggests that our media may have finally begun to show some common sense about the difference between what a campaign does and what some nitwits scrawl on the walls of its virtual bathrooms. After all, their existence hasn't been a problem thus far.

2) You certainly know the difference between pseudonymous blog commenters and official statements, and also between isolated nitwits and the community consensus.

Moderation, comment flagging, etcetera are all good things; and there are prominent places other than message boards http://www.balloon-juice.com/?p=10594>where lack of oversight can really make you look dumb. But censoring message boards in such a way that their users practically have to use semaphore is just absurd. The censorship being applied isn't just heavy-handed, it's dumb, and ultimately self-destructive.

So you can't post anything that reminds the site of .org (non-profit) or .gov (government), but commercial interests (.com) are fine. I see.

"I’ll have to give you LGF links…"

LGF, of all places, is complaining about what's let stand in comments somewhere?

Talk about ultra-triple-super-duper irony.

That's rich, indeed.

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