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July 21, 2008


I always thought the issue of who controls Kirkuk (Article 140 legislation) should be resolved before Provincial Elections, just because there is a dangerous potential for fraud and violence in the Tamim province. But, I agree with you that there shouldn't be any optimism over the delay.

I am extremely concerned about the situation on the Iraq-Pakistan border.

I get your concern, Gary :p

I'm so concerned that I have to tell you three times, so you know that it is true.

I think I'll prune the Farber bush some...there, that looks much better doesn't it!

But now everything else is quite confusing, Eric.

"But now everything else is quite confusing, Eric."

Same as it ever was, then.

And the days go by.

I'd love to see a map of SW Asia drawn from memory by John McCain.

Obama's power is teh awesome; he's personally responsible for high gas prices.

Who won't believe that?

(Also added as addendum to my last post at my blog.)

Sorry slarti...

Pay no attention to that gaslight, Slartibartfast. You're just getting old.

I blame the mice.

While I'm sorry that the Iraqis will have to wait for their elections, I'm just as happy that they won't be taking place during /our/ election season. The last thing we need right now is any more distractions from the candidates and their issues: I want as much sunlight as possible in this campaign, so that maybe for once in my lifetime we can have an honest, informed election.

Catsy: so that maybe for once in my lifetime we can have an honest, informed election.

What, all the problems with rigged voting and stolen elections that you guys had in 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006 have all been fixed? Every vote cast will be on a paper ballot, safeguards are in place to ensure all ballots cast are counted providing the voter's intent is clear and no ballots are just conveniently losted, and the mainstream media have pledged they won't declare for either one or the other candidate until all the paper ballots have been counted?

News to me. When did this happen, exactly?

As for the Iraqi elections being pushed back, of course. A conquered and occupied country won't be permitted to hold elections on a date inconvenient to their masters.

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