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June 17, 2008


our press is absolutely head-over-heels in love with McCain.

We are about to elect a President, in one of the most important elections in recent memory. One of our candidates is routinely either confused about or ignorant of very important facts about the issues confronting us, and even about what his own policies are.

Our press ought to do us the courtesy of telling us this.

That could have been said with equal truth in every election year since Nixon resigned.

Outstanding post and points, but you forgot one other explanation of the media's lack of coverage: The media loves them some access.

If a reporter tagging along with McCain points out McCain's obvious and unexplainable-by-reality gaffes, there's a chance 'ol Senator Hothead will cut that reporter off from all access. And if that happens, the reporter is toast.

I think it really is that simple.

Cleek: that was thoroughly wretched and vile. I'd try to quote the "I hear what you're saying, but [...] this is John McCain we're talkin' about!"; however, the written word cannot express the fawning, incredulous tone in which the words were uttered. "But doesn't he have credibility? But oh, doesn't he have credibility when it comes to the insight of the horrors of war, of the issue of torture, of decisions that have to be made when we lead this country into the future?" Is this the press we're listening to, or his campaign staff?

If a reporter tagging along with McCain points out McCain's obvious and unexplainable-by-reality gaffes, there's a chance 'ol Senator Hothead will cut that reporter off from all access. And if that happens, the reporter is toast.

Plus, no BBQ!

The solution is simple: The NY Times, Washington Post, MSNBC, etc assign one reporter each to McCain. If McCain cuts off access, that media outlet shuts off John McCain. They will report about him, but there will be no direct access, and the reason why will be mentioned at every opportunity.

But no BBQ!!!! Whaaaaaa!!!!

Just a quick note. McCain isn't completely off base saying we need to control spending to fix the economy. It is very short sighted and more like plugging one hole in the sinking boat while ignoring the dozen other holes, but it isn't inaccurate. One of the many things that affect inflation, or more specifically the willingness of people to invest in dollars, is the strength of the government's financial standing. If a government already has lots of debt out there, other people will be less willing to loan that government more money and the value of the dollar will slip. Again though, it is only one aspect of inflation amid the dozens of other issues pushing the dollar down.

John J: that is true, but remember: he didn't just say that we need to get spending control among other things, he said that while we may need a stimulus package, we need to get spending under control first.

Besides the stupidity I mentioned -- stimulus is either raising spending or cutting taxes -- what he said also suggests that he thinks that a stimulus package is not a short-term response to an immediate problem (in which case, if you do it at all, you do it fast), but something else that can be put off until other, very big things have been taken care of.

That's less completely idiotic than the bit I highlighted, but it's still wrong.

So: sure, of course we need to get our fiscal house in order. (Not that McCain's proposals do that; they make it worse, and by a lot more than Obama's.) But that is not an immediate solution to a recession -- though since McCain seems to say, in this quote, that the recession was caused by too much spending, so maybe he doesn't know that.

The explanation is really fairly simple:

One segment of the press hates Democrats. Pure and simple. Spin, lies, smears - whatever it takes to make Democrats look bad - just do it. And the reverse for Republicans.

The other segment of the press is for the most part hopelessly intimidated by the smear the right wing has invested enormous effort in building up over multiple generations, that the only "real Americans" are manly men, tabacca chewing, NASCAR watchin, red-necked sons of the earth.

Anyone else, who is the wrong gender or color or occupation, or who just reads too many d*mm books, just isn't right somehow. I mean we'll be gracious and allow them to stay in the country and all, but they aren't REAL AMERICANS.


Our press has become so intimidated by their testosterone-lacking self-image that they bend over backwards to give positive spin to the political party which has co-opted this manufactured image of "Real Americans". It is above all else the GOP's secret weapon.

This idea is constantly propagated in our culture - look at all of the advertising on TV. Almost every beer ad and every car ad uses this meme. Look at all the fawning over Tim Russert just because the guy was from Buffalo and could tell middle-class stories from his youth.

This meme comes from many different places and goes back at least 50 years or so, but it seems to me that it gathered with particular force after the end of the Vietnam War. The right wing has been guilt tripping "the liberal media" ever since with tremendous results - the dolchstosslegende keeps on paying dividends decades after the event.

Needless to say, this whole thing p*sses me off to no end. It is enough to make me want to spit my tabacca juice at somebody.

But McCain's policy does include mandatory caps

I think that should read "does not include"


tgirsch: no. McCain's policy -- the one on his website, the one in the bill he co-sponsored, etc. -- does include those caps. The ones he said he doesn't favor. That's because it is a cap and trade policy.

He just doesn't know what his own policy is.

McCain's prospective VP, Tim Pawlenty, has been countering the Iraq business by comparing the number of times McCain has visited Iraq with the number of Obama vists. (McCain has made a number of visits and Obama hasn't.)

Pawlenty understands that you've gotta keep it simple enough for a 5-year-old to understand with a "gotcha" element for the press to pick up on it.


This will be an interesting GE because, not only do the MSM love McCain, they've displayed a whole lot of affection for Sen. Obama, too.

As a voter, whether you see this is not is largely irrelevant.

What is relevant: Just listening to McCain and Obama speak on the issues. McCain sounds confused, indifferent or inconsistent, or all three.

Obama sounds confident and more assured every day when he speaks on specific issues, no doubt having been toughened and smartened up through his primary battle w/ Sen. Clinton.

Unless you are going to vote Repubican no matter what, I don't see how any sensible, reasonably intelligent Independent or Reagan/Clinton Democrat would not vote for Sen. Obama vs. the honorable Sen. Dazed and Confused.

. McCain sounds confused, indifferent or inconsistent, or all three.

A mere rhetorical device designed to make him attractive to the median voter, who is confused, indifferent or inconsistent, or all three.

bedtimeforbonzo, we've already been told by the talking heads that "Obambi" is a wimp who can't bowl,has a name that sounds like Saddam, will not be able to deal with the Mideast because he's an apostate Muslim and has a wife who hates America. It's only going to get worse.

Let's take a good hard look at this anomaly. If the press started stomping on McCain's serious flip-flops and gaffes then the party would be over. Polls would shoot up for Obama and their would be no need to hold off for election day and no news to report.

On the other hand if the media keeps Obama in the publics' eye and nip pick over every reason why Obama might have problems, Obama's (supposed) problems will keep the masses interested and more importantly will effectively keep McCain viable (at least until November when the people speak).

Hence there is no real mystery here. The media wants people to keep watching TV and keep their ratings high. If you take McCain out of the picture what will there be to report; or, if they start reporting about Obama truthfully it would only give the public a reason to not notice McCain at all and thus no one would spend time looking at the news for the latest campaign news.

Keep in mind the main stream Media is trying to keep this an issue for the sake of making it a close race for the White House. Of course that will only work if the public is stupid. But, after 8 years of stupid I think we have all had enough of the Media's slant to keep what's dead (McCain) alive.

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