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June 16, 2008


She doesn't watch Bill O'Reilly or she would have realized that probably those Hemmings/Jefferson descendants wouldn't have shown up shouting "give me my mother *&^% ice tea."


McCain hasn't figured out yet that when he is taped for TV, it isn't shot with a Kinescope and then immediately erased to make room for Texaco Star Theater.

Sen. McCain--it's called digital. DIGITAL. every utterance, every aversion, every lie, every weird, uncomfortable smile at the wrong place is out there SOMEWHERE.

But please keep forgetting this until, say, mid-November.

Free Advice from Past Editions of 'Savage Love' for the GOP:

'In your case, 'GFE' stands for 'Google F'ing Exists'.

If we didn't like guilt by association as to Senator Obama, we should avoid invoking it as to Senator McCain. He is not responsible for the shady past of every person who organizes a meeting with him, any more than Obama was responsible for Bill Ayers or Rasheed Khalidi.

The effort by some white descendants of Thomas Jefferson to keep his possible African-American descendants out of family gatherings.

I think the word "possible" should be deleted.

His campaign didn't know about Claytie Williams? Christ I knew about him and I've never even lived in Texas. Forget Google, just check him out on Wikipedia:

His sense of humor was again demonstrated when he urged Hispanic Americans to support his candidacy because he met Modesta [his wife] in a Mexican restaurant.

No, but since Obama was and is held responsible for bill ayers and any black person who ever existed at any time in history I think turnabout is fair play.



If Obama is really responsible for Thomas Sowell I don't see how i can support him.

Actually, BY, the DNA tests have not proved (and given the limits of current technology, cannot prove) that THOMAS Jefferson had a child with Sally Hemings. It can only prove that SOME MALE Jefferson did. One can certainly argue on grounds of historical probability that the alternative candidates, such as the president's brother Randolph Jefferson, are unpersuasive, but that is a historical argument, not a scientific one. The paternity issue generates a lot of vehemence on both sides, but it is a distraction: the outrage is that Jefferson OWNED a fellow human being, not that he might have had sex with her. Whether the descendants of slaves at Monticello ought to be able to picnic with the descendants of their former oppressors is a simple matter of moral equity, and to support them does not require us to claim that the scientific evidence proves what it does not at present prove.

For what it's worth: I didn't try to do much guilt by association in this post. I did say that I thought the McCain campaign needed to learn to google, but I did not mean to imply e.g. that McCain shares Ms. Abeles' views. I don't believe that he does.

Mostly, I was thinking: why would anyone decide to do this with her life?

Turnabout is a terrible way to play, aimai, when the game one is trying play is called "no more politics as usual."

Less bludgeon, more jujitsu.

No, of COURSE they haven't figured out how to Google yet - their candidate professes to be computer illiterate.

Cindy, on the other hand, knows how to Google cookie recipes like mad (another purloined epicurean "favorite recipe" from Madame McCain has just found its way into print, apparently...)

It's worth noting that a fair percentage of Sally Hemings' descendants aren't actually Black in any more than a highly theoretical sense. Eston Hemings passed as white, and his descendants (see here) are basically as white as anybody else in this country.

One assumes that while racism is certainly involved here, the main issue is that these people don't want to admit that Jefferson had children by a slave, since that makes Jefferson look bad, and these sorts are serious Jeffersonolators. One assumes that they would not try to deny membership to partially Black descendants of Jefferson's legitimate children, even if these looked distinctly more like Black people than Eston Hemings' descendants.

He's probably vetting his people at thegoogle.com

Politicians have gotten used to lying with without impunity because our press is lazy. Now that they are up against an army of googlers they have no idea how to react. Remember John McCain is older than Buddy Holly and the American Express card.

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