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May 18, 2008


There Goes Another One...

Hold your fire. There are no life forms. It must have been short-circuited.

Thomas G. Loeffler has the plans for the Death Star!

his firm ran every potential foreign client by the State Department and/or the White House

Well, but yes?
That’s exactly what a high level PR person does, if they’re connected the way they oughta and gotta be! Doh!

Ya go to the Assistant Head Guy, and you say “What is good here? What is not so good?
Then you go back and arrange the bullet points, maybe change the vocabulary and syntax and a few other things appropriately, to suit, you know?
And when you’ve got it ready, you take it back and ask again.
If you’re good to go, it’s Rolo-time. Has bugs, you work it over again.
When you get that approval from the top, it’s your key selling point.
Piece of cake.

It’s that check-back that’s the mark of a real pro. Heh. The reporter blew it on that one.
Spin. Ya gotta love it.

Lots of lipstick on those pigs.

But remember, that is how "free" markets work! You have to KNOW someone. Econ 101.

Yeah; markets work best for marketers under free-marketer crony capitalism.

Right, felix culpa. As nearly as I can figure, their take is about like this: Organizing so that a bunch of people with a shared interest can get leverage is market-distorting when they don't have buddies in the capitol; drawing on your personal ties because you're part of the privileged sector is just natural market forces, and must not be restrained. Helping the rich get richer is natural; helping anyone not already rich get any richer is unnatural.

Loeffler is a real traitor to the Republic. Accepting millions to pull strings on behalf of these guys:


Talk about your appeasers. No one tops the Bush administration and their lackeys, turning a blind eye while the Saudis attack and murder Americans by the thousands.

Social Darwinism!
Survival of the socially and economically fittest!
Exploit or else! Eliminate all the (unfit) brutes!

Cutting edge dinosaurs!

Extinction is waiting, just around the corner.

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