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May 21, 2008


What Rumsfeld actually said was "Freedom is untidy". Infamous, but not tightly related to your post.

Which is an excellent post.

It's simply amazing that anyone can seriously buy the tripe that the goal of U.S. foreign policy is to spread freedom and democracy. Could there possibly be more evidence to the contrary?

Hey Eric, what kind of a dancer are you?

Mostly breakdancing

Getting Sadrists into the government would be a huge step towards deescalating the violence. Once they have a stake in the political order they'll be much less drawn to insurgency.

I think that fully free and fair elections would most likely create a government that is only mildly hostile to the US and is far, far, better for the Iraqi people than Saddam was. Bush could accomplish nearly all his stated goals in Iraq is he was just willing to let go of the unstated goals, namely de facto US control of the oil, permanent bases, and a regime hostile to Iran and friendly towards Israel.

Hamas won big of course, an outcome that surprised few - except the Bush administration.

Nobody could have anticipated that voters would prefer to vote for a party that played to long held resentments and demonization of political opponents, rather than the party that offers a substantive discussion of problems and solutions.

Hamas provided and provides major social welfare support in the occupied territories and has for more than a decade. I expected them to win the Gaza election on that basis, as they did. Given a choice between a party which provides rhetoric ("substantive discussions") and one which provides food, which would you pick when you're starving?

Maybe Bush thought Diebold machines were in widespread use, and that Kathleen Harris would be running the vote counts...

So the lesson the Bush administration learned is that before holding elections you should do everything you can to make sure the election is rigged in favor of the side you want by supporting military attacks on opponents and trying to change the rules so your side can manipulate the vote count. Lovely.

Doesn't it occur to them that such obvious actions might either turn the electorate against them in numbers sufficient to swing the election away, or cause reasonable outcries of fraud? Either of these would further damage the U.S. standing both in Iraq and worldwide (just when we thought that wasn't possible).

ChrisWWW -- the Modern GOP's definition of "democracy" is "elections are held, and the right person wins." And not just for other countries; that's clearly the definition they held to in 2000 and '04. So in that sense, I believe Bush's commitment to democracy around the world is entirely sincere.

"What Rumsfeld actually said was 'Freedom is untidy'."

Eric: "Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld famously quipped, 'freedom is untidy' in response to questions about the looting and chaos that erupted in Iraq post invasion."


Did Eric rewrite his post without acknowledging that? Or what?


Please see the asterisk at the end of the paragraph and bottom of the post. Which I added when I edited it and gave proper attribution.

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