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May 28, 2008


This is one of the most important issues there is, and nothing about either McCain's policies or his advisors suggests that he's up to dealing with it.

Which, of course, means the public will elect him. Wheeeeee!

Have no fear; I'm confident that some of McCain's top advisors will turn out to have contracts to do PR for the Russian government, as well.

Besides, look how well Bush's policy of slapping the Russians across the snout with anti-missile radar plans in Eastern Europe, while encouraging them back towards democratization, is working.

I trust our current President's ability to look into the soul of leaders such as Putin; soul-viewing matters endlessly more than your so-called "experts" and "logic" and your academic lack of connection to the real world! Share the faith! Support your president, and president-to-be!

If you don't, you hate America, commie terrorsymp.

Hilzoy, I can't believe you completely ignore the most important point in all of this: McCain is a Maverick War Hero™ .

Not that I ever expect to vote for him, but give the man some credit: at least he made noises about lowering the number of our nukes, and of "taking another look at" the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. This means there is no one running on the "we need more nukes" argument that has occasionally surfaced from this administration.

I know, "better than Dick Cheney" isn't a high bar, but I'll welcome any positive moves.

What DCA says. Even saying the words Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty gets a candidate style points. The term itself hasn't come up in polite political conversation for seven years.

Well, yes. I guess. But saying the words while embedding them in an overall policy that ensures that your proposals will fail, without (apparently) noticing that fact, is just bizarre.

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