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May 07, 2008


Someone should email the boys at Talkingpointsmemo about this.

{cough byline {cough

The scandal is more in the corrupt media corps than in the Pentagon. But thanks for the pointer, and best wishes to those who go dumpster diving...

I'm seeing many references to some group called the "Stonecutters". Haven't a clue what it all means.

I'm seeing many references to some group called the "Stonecutters".

in one Simpsons episode, the Stonecutters were a parody of the Freemasons. there was a classic song.

Yes, but why are there so many references to them in a DoD document dump about a operation to manipulate public opinion?


Briefly leafing through the Barslow release, I found a nice quote:

I told Sec Def we'd put out a For the Record on the internet if the Arm)' dragged their feet.

Can we take the letter and turn it into a product that we put on the Internet and give to surrogates--military analysts and the like.

The talking points in the letter are all good. It just needs to be reformatted and distributed. Zt should not be in the form of a letter or signed by anyone.

It seems that the DoD actually analyzes every single word on the war uttered in the mainstream media. There are a lot of transcripts there.

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