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April 01, 2008


Hoseanna! All hail Giblets! ALl HAIL GIBLETS!!

Visionary, warrior, poet...

I guess we can forget this Clinton/Obama thing then. They don't have a chance against Giblets!

and with a spiffy new design that doesn't make your eyes go crazy!

Dunno cleek. I kind of miss the psychadelia...

Me no gets it.... Me thinks is like Arrested Development (the show, not the band), which me dint get eether.

My relief is palpable! Mmmmm, relief.

What's the date today?

thank you for alerting those of us who had finally removed them from our feeds (why I did that I'm not sure, I guess I gave up on them). shows me what for, doesn't it!

Saweeet, assuming Thullen's not correct...

O frabjous day! [I hope...]

What's the date today?

well, of course.

but they still posted two things. two good things.

so, yay!

What's the date today?

Noted, but.

Any Giblets is good Giblets, sez I.

At last, we can breathe the free air of America. Sanity has returned. Our dark era (of 15 months) is over.

At last, we can breathe the free air of America. Sanity has returned. Our dark era (of 15 months) is over.

All hail the Pax Gibletsiana!

BTW, has anyone else noticed that some of the archives have been changed? I'm thinking of this, one of my favorite posts ever, which didn't have the stage directions in the original. V. strange.

"V. strange."

Giblets' words are too powerful to be stable and unchanging! The words of Giblets contain Infinite Self-Dynamic Capabilities! They constantly adapt themselves, via nanotechnological self-aware awareness of self, to changing times, through every time-stream possible in this and every other divergent space-time-Jello continuum, to maintain maximum possible wisdom and pie for every given moment for all eternity!

Bow before the eternally Self-Optimizing Permanently Ultimate Wisdom of Giblets! Bow nooooooooooooow!

And there's even another post today, hooray!

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