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March 26, 2008


Throwing in another recommendation; Robert Wright and Robert Reich (Clinton’s Sec. of Labor), “The Bobs Show”. Fiscal crisis, campaign conduct. Reich delightfully unassuming. Recommended. Here.">http://">Here.

Discussion of Wright by certain other people, on the other hand, has veered in unbelievable directions.

Sullivan has a quote from Hillary Clinton's pastor on Reverend Wright:


I doubt it's something the Clinton campaign would like to see broadcast.

Let's try that link again:

Here's the link, Jake. I don't think it's correct to call Snyder "Hillary Clinton's pastor". The Clintons attended Foundry United Methodist Church fairly often while Bill was president (I know because I was attending during that time), but the pastor at that time was J. Philip Wogaman. I don't think the Clintons have been there much, if at all, since then. From what I know of Wogaman, though, I imagine he'd have similar thoughts on Wright.

Thanks KC. I know the html so I'm not sure what happened.

Indeed Sully indicated as much with respect to Hill's attendance at the church.

There's also a letter written into the Chicago Trib recently by a white member of Trinity:



Denise Clapsaddle, a pastor, draws a parallel between the Wright situation and the controversy about Wogaman as Bob Dole's pastor in 1996. Bizarrely, she doesn't mention that the Clintons were also going to the church at the time.

as a pure exercise in phonetics, "Clapsaddle" is a very satisfying word.

Great links, KC and Jake.

Excellent post!!! For those who could hear...it was heard loud and clear and was a call to action. For those who could see..it forced us to look within. For those who could still feel...it touched our hearts. To the others...well... my pastor use to say "ain't nobody mad but the devil."

Thank you so much hilzoy for this post and these links.
I’m glad for all the stupid fuss and bumbling outrage, because many more people will hear these recordings.
—Not that that will end the stupidity. I noted that some of the first comments on the site were still pushing bull-headed bullcrap.
Anyway, I needed it. Familiar personal darkness descending, and these were words of encouragement and consolation for me.
Bless you.

felix: I hope the darkness is brief, and not too dark. Thanks.

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