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March 20, 2008


I don't know why I hvae to keep convincing you people. If this doesn't, nothing will!

Yes, but does his dog bite?

And has he a lisannse for his meunkey?

Pink Panthers...? Hmmmm, perhaps they was afeared you was TEH GAY.

I can see a resemblance. Big ears, lean, alert, serious gaze. Some color in the complexion. Sure.


*snorgle* *gives you Easter cake*

Thank you, reading this brightened my day (the pink panther bit) =)

Speaking of endorsements, it's no surprise that Richardson, like all the states that went for Obama, is insignificant.

the Pink Panthers ?

is that a working group formed of Code Pink and the Black Panthers - gay pacifist black power advocates ?

Surely this is a deceptively innocuous figurehead for the pink-pistoled lesbian terrorist gang that O'rlly warned American about!

I'm highly amused at P.Z. making the news this way, with Richard Dawkins, no less.

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