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March 20, 2008


Meanwhile, Dick Cheney looks longingly at Zimbabwe and sighs. "If only I could starve the Democrats into submission," he says wistfully. Then he shrugs. It's something for his successors in the GOP to work on.

There's a certain resemblance between Bush's rhetoric and Mugabe's rhetoric, these days.

Not that Bush is likely to engage in Mugabelike tactics, but still. That sort of hopeless, victory is just ahead, everything I did has been for the good of the country stuff is similar.

The refugee problem in neighboring countries is becoming acute. Last year I visited family in Botswana, and there were Zimbabweans everywhere, desperate for work. Many are turning to crime, which means that every house outside the shanty towns is ringed with barbed wire and has electronic security systems.

Zimbabwe has more than enough resources to feed its people and provide a decent job for anyone who wants it. These problems are not knock-on effects of a drought (as in Darfur). The blame lies completely at the feet of Mugabe.

Togolosh, mightn't some of the blame lie at the feet of the whites who stole the blacks' country, then proceeded to engage in the sort of evil things white colonists in southern Africa tended to do?

I mean, I don't want to say Mugabe's anything over than a tosser, but blaming everything on Mugabe without also talking about the colonial legacy is a bit disingenuous.

"I don't want to say Mugabe's anything over than a tosser, but blaming everything on Mugabe without also talking about the colonial legacy is a bit disingenuous"

With South Africa, Namibia and Botswana doing quite well for themselves next door ?
With the fact that Zimbabwe was doing quite well in the 80's ?

You can hardly say that colonialism had no negative effects on Zimbabwe's politics, economy, and society, that the Smith government is utterly blameless for creating modern Zimbabwe, that a history of violence and repression going back generations isn't contributing to the current disaster.

Apart from anything else, Mugabe came to power as a man fighting against the white supremacists. That's where a large part of his legitimacy derives from. His land seizures also are claimed to be directly justified by the colonial land seizures -- which were, after all, just as vile.

100,000% per year comes out to a little under 2% per day.

This horrific spiral of national destruction has been going on for so many years-- at what point does the machinery of state atrophy to the point where it is no longer sufficient to maintain control of the country and keep Mugabe in power?

to Johnny Pez and Jon H.

Mugabe is a communist who has brought his country to ruin by following communist economic methods and a system of one party rule rife with endemic corruption, therefore he's just like a republican?

Are you people nuts?

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