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March 20, 2008


And thanks so much for helping spread a right-wing-produced attack video (whose authors will not own up to it publicly).

von:Yes, but do you have "Greatest Misses"? (Which, unfortunately, is not an ironic name for album.)

Yep, but not on the iPod.

It is absolutely not unheard of for people in the Christian tradition -- all kinds of people -- to rail about God's likely reaction to various sins.

And of course it's not absolutely unheard of for people who disagree with said railings to loudly voice their disagreement.

So, not all that out of bed with history, after all. At least, not with recent history.

I think that a strict literal believer of the Christian texts could find Catholicism to be incompatible with the Bible

First, there'd have to be a version of the Bible that's written in a language that any regardable segment of the population could read. Then, maybe there'll be a sizeable segment of Christianity that notices these incompatibilities, and points them out. Possibly even writes them down, and brings them to the attention of the Catholic clergy.

Bill: But it is wrong to group fundamentalist Christians with groups who use religion to veil hateful agendas.

Fundamentalist Christians are among the groups who use religion to veil hateful agendas: they are strongly associated with racial segregation: they are strongly associated with attacks on women seeking contraception or abortion: and they are so strongly associated with attacks on LGBT equality and dignity that many young people regard homophobia as an integral part of Christianity (many fundamentalist Christian arguments against LGBT equality depend on regarding the practice of homophobia as an absolute requirement for being a Christian, so this is unsurprising).

"black people are always a little nervous until they see the picture, hoping that it's not a black person who committed it."

Every freaking time. It's very stressful to be a minority in the Good ol' US of A.

"Wright’s nearly direct counterpart is the KKK, not the men who follow the teachings of the Bible. The real double standard is that America is willing to call the KKK what it is while giving others a pass."

Really? Did Wright go kill someone or something? Or did he talk about White oppression?

The stupid makes my head hurt.

Though studies have shown that having to twist logic that hard makes you dumb. So stop Bill. You're only hurting yourself.

Am I the only person who read the first comment on this thread as ironic? i.e., "Nonwhite people are expected to bend over backwards to avoid being deemed reverse-racist/anti-American/etc. in a way that white people (especially conservative white male politicians) just aren't"?

"Am I the only person who read the first comment on this thread as ironic?"

No, you are not.

after the bigot and racist remarks by obama's idiot preacher, I will never give a break to any blacks under any condition, they can all go to hell with their screwed up reverend bigot wright.

And that'll teach those racists.

Wow, that TUCC must be a big church, if all black people everywhere belong to it and are responsible for and answerable for its actions, "Wes Freeman."

I seriously can't imagine what it's like to live with the kind of hatred you apparently are filled with, but I kind of hope all your kids marry interracially, then all of them disown you.


wes freeman: I can only hope you are joking. Because I certainly wouldn't want anyone to say: all white people can go to hell every time some white person says something that person thinks is wrong. Likewise, members of any other group.

Personally, I think accusations of racism are thrown around too much. But holding all blacks, or all whites, or all anything, responsible for what any member of that group says, is absolutely racist.

thats right,no one understands what it's like to be black and yet,the blacks understand what it's like to be white.this coming from people who become race based by the time there 5 years of age!and yes,double goverment standards for all minorities is a race based edict!what is it like to be white in a country controled by p.c police and ethnic advantages at every turn!and a white man has no protection from hoax accusations and people to come to there aide from false persecutions?lets ask a minority to explain white disadvantage!

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