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February 12, 2008


I find it kind of strange that Hillary is the candidate of the less intellectual, yet she has the larger and more wealthy supporters.

Large donations take time to cultivate and complete. This probably reflects the donors' thoughts of about six months ago.

I don't understand the Republicans' logic on the interrogation bill. They didn't want to force McCain to vote one way or the other on a filibuster, so they let the bill come to a vote, and then McCain voted no on that anyway. So he's still knuckling under to the White House and failing to uphold his supposed principles, and then there'll be a veto override vote later. What's the advantage? I guess they wanted to give Bush the opportunity to make some macho veto speech.

I had read the comments here from all the D.C. area people who had to brave the weather to get to the polls, but the severity of the icy conditions didn't really sink in until I saw that the Secretary of Defense managed to break his shoulder after slipping on the ice.

It's still awful to remove judicial review, though.

Well, yes, but right now I like the person that only steals my wallet and watch, but leaves me my clothes.

Wow. That's an insane number of accidents. Today I heard stories of people who didn't get home until 11:30. I was one of the lucky ones.

As for Webb, he has bigger things on his mind than his superdelegate vote.

At least I got to vote for Webb!

Yes, Webb's deeply concerned about separation of powers. That's why he's willing to back Congress interfering with judicial proceedings.

And he's deeply, deeply concerned about corporate power. That's why he's willing to give some of the biggest and most powerful companies a get-out-of-jail-free card for breaking the law.

Pardon me for not getting all giddy about his lawsuit.

Obama went after McCain again, and used a similar line to the one he debuted (I think) last night:

It turns out that yesterday, or maybe today, John McCain started attacking me on economic policy, which I thought was flattering. It makes clear that he knows who his opponent is going to be, and I am looking forward to a great debate on the issues with John McCain.

I have to say, though, that I was surprised that he took me on on economics because he has admitted—and by the way John McCain is a great American hero, a war hero we honor his service. But economics is not his strong suit. I mean he said, "I don’t understand economics very well," and after what he said, it shows, because his main economic philosophy is to continue the same tax breaks that George Bush has been perpetuating over the last seven years and that...John McCain criticized as irresponsible back when he wasn’t running for President

...Somewhere along the line he traded those principles for his party’s nomination and now he is for those tax cuts. So I just want to make everybody clear I am not....

So George Bush may not be on the ballot this fall, but his tax cuts and his economic policies are. And if John McCain wants to debate the specifics of how well the economy has worked for ordinary families over the last seven years, that is a debate that I am happy to have, because the American people know that Bush’s policies have not worked for ordinary Americans.

Said something similar last night, George Bush may not be on the ballot, but his war and his tax cuts are...or some such thing.

Great line. I expect to hear a lot of that coming up.

Also, polls are for losers, but...I'm a loser? Anyone see the Rasmussen head-to-heads in Colorado and NH? Obama beats McCain by 7 in Colorado...Hillary loses to him 14. +21 Obama. Obama beats McCain by 13(!!) in NH, Hillary has a stat. insignificant lead of 2. +11 Obama.

One of the reasons Obama is "winning" the "spin war" so to speak right now is that it's not spin...he really has won more votes, more than doubled her up on states, and more pledged delegates and now also total delegates, including supers. He does have better #s against McCain and does make a better contrast, and those lines about Bush's policies on the ballot...snazzy. And contrary to Clinton's claims, all signs point to him having fewer skeletons in his closet for the past 16 years than she does for the last 8

When Obama says "John McCain is a great American hero, a war hero we honor his service", I want him to follow that with "We won't be having any purple band-aids at our convention."

This from Balkinization this A.M. Essential Obama.

This from Balkinization this A.M. Essential Obama.

Very nice! I'd love to see McCain's (or even Clinton's) answers to these questions. But then I want to see their heads explode.

Jeff, look in the box on the left in that article. There are links to the other candidates' answers.

I find it kind of strange that Hillary is the candidate of the less intellectual, yet she has the larger and more wealthy supporters.

Large donations take time to cultivate and complete. This probably reflects the donors' thoughts of about six months ago.

No, the takeaway here is "Hillary is supported by the dumber part of the upper crust. The flakes, if you will."

Seriously, it's nonsense analysis. That person is either making stuff up or totally ignorant. GW Bush, e.g., gets a whole bunch of support from both the rich and the stupid voting blocs. There's a limited number of bigwigs donors and a whole lot of dumb supporters out there for everyone to pander to. No reason to push 'n' shove.

Anyone know how to switch your party affiliation in Washington DC?

KCinDC: Thanks. I'd missed that!

Q: Do you think it is important for all would-be presidents to answer questions like these before voters decide which one to entrust with the powers of the presidency?

McCain: I agree. These are part of the judgment that the American people need.

Then why didn't you answer #10 and #11? Why did you give a non-answer to #9 (habeus corpus)? Are you saying we shouldn't entrust you with the powers of the Presedency? Hey, we agree on something!

Nevermind, I found it.

Ugh, shouldn't you have done that several weeks ago?

Probably should have done it years ago. But soon I will officially be a member of the Dhimmitude party, where's my wife's burka, dammit?

“beware of people who always seem to segue directly from skepticism to cynicism.” An epigram to treasure found here. From a marvelous comment just shy of halfway down the thread, following some noise, on a gem of a piece in The Guardian linked from TPM Cafe, also a gem, which links back to it.
I’m led me to reflect that the ‘realist’ state of mind is in fact yet another manifestation of the materialist/managerial/reductionist frame of mind, notably seeing ideals only as something to manipulate; whose distaste for democracy and legal protections has suckered the nation into a very dark corner. Both pieces dwell on the current spate of warnings of inevitable disappointment faced by starry-eyed youth; countering with Obama’s own warnings of great difficulty.
My own take is that things are looking inescapably bad in all manner of ways, as the imperium of capital we nourished and thought was uniquely our own looks elsewhere for more promising accommodations. Under those circumstances I would dearly love to see a clear eye, mind, and conscience and a steady confident hand at the helm redirecting immense anger into productive labor, and being straight with us and not pretending; and that”s just how I see Obama. A leader who respects his supporters, his opponents, and the nation’s friends and enemies while being firm in our defense. In all that, someone who reveres the Constitution and the laws deriving from it.
Someone who will not prey on our fears but define and direct our hopes.
Not messianism. Just an extraordinary person of a sort that inbred cynicism denies exists except in stories; thus Bill’s contempt for the “fairy tale”. All very pomo. History is written by the victors, just a nice story we invented for self-legitimation, But clearly, all the putatively smartest money and marketing couldn’t have succeeded in producing Obama. It lacks imaginative reach.
As for all the hopeful kids facing painful reality; what a wonderful thing to take part in an epochal event as one’s coming-of-age experience.

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