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February 09, 2008


Kos was pushing Donna Edwards' campaign so I took a look at her and Wynn's campaign sites. I was impressed enough by the contrast to send a contribution even though I live on the other coast. I'll be very happy if she replaces him.

As the Republican party collapses and the Democratic Primary becomes the only relevant elections, more situaitons like Wynn/Edwards where an incumbent could lose 10 months before having to leave office and the representative-elect will be known for 10 months before office.

Maybe in the future, the Democrats should hold their primaries in September since the general election will be irrelevant.

hilzoy: I hope the Democrats are running a good candidate this time around, because a fight this ugly could make it easier for us to take the seat.

Not going to happen. It will stay an R seat. As I noted on TiO, Gilchrest is AWOL, at least on this side of the bay. Whoever wins the R primary on Tuesday wins the seat, and Gilchrest does not seem to be fighting for it.

It is Saturday night before Tuesday. I still have not seen one single Gilchrest ad on local TV. Picked up the local papers – nothing. I walked around town this evening, not a single lawn sign. No campaign events scheduled.

Either he is very confident and not at all worried about it – or he gave up.

It will be a damned shame if Andy Harris wins the seat.

I'm in Silver Spring, in MD-4, and we received a bunch of robo-calls today from Wynn's campaign. Most of them were the typical "This is politician X, and I am supporting Wynn for Congress." But one of them was really sleazy, saying she had tax liens against her, and if she can't keep her own finances in line, how can she blah blah blah. He is such a sleazy piece of work. I think she is going to do it this year.

OCSteve--the only commercials I've seen for the first district contest were run in Baltimore for E.J. Pipkin, who's also contesting the seat from the right. I've been hoping that Pipkin and Harris would knock each other out.

I also caught Gilchrest on CSPAN last week, talking about global warming on the house floor, and wondered why he wasn't out campaigning. Climate change is my top issue and Gilchrest is about the only Republican I can ever imagine voting for.

Ironically, Harris was the go-to guy in the state legislature on verified voting. The grassroots effort was mostly Greens with a few Dems.

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