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February 15, 2008


hilzoy, thanks for doing this. I've been quiet for the last couple of days ā€” but I'd be irresponsible if I didn't point out that it's due to the usefulness of your posts. Silence is a poor testament.

Also, hope you feel better soon. Something's been making the rounds here as well.

My goodness, thanks. I'm off to link to this on my website.

second the "thanks for doing this." Really appreciate it.

One question: why $50 million? Maybe I'm still living in the 90's (80's?), but that seems like a lot of money to me.

My goodness, thanks. I'm off to link to this on my website.

Sujal: I was just looking for a number that would allow me to exclude things the Senate might think were easy or didn't require much sacrifice. I basically picked $50 million at random. Maybe a lower figure would have been better.

Wow. The [redacted] [redacted]s University must be psyched about all the work they're getting out of you... ;)

Anarch: this was a sick day. :) (And I haven't taken a sick day in ages.)

This is wonderful. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

This is the sort of hard work, grind-through-data reporting that mainstream news outlets just don't do any more.

This is great stuff hilzoy. If only there was some organization that could research this stuff at will. Iā€™m thinking of a company that had people on staff just to research stuff like this. Then maybe they could write it all up. Then print up a bunch of copies. Then maybe deliver it to people all over. Maybe leave it on their doorstep even.

That would be cool.

"That would be cool."

Doesn't seem like all that sound an idea. What's the business plan? How would such a business compete against the internet, while having to pay for the infrastructure of printing and delivery and the like?

Do young people do a lot of reading like that? The advertisors wouldn't be able to narrowly target in a cost-effective way, but would still miss large segments of the population.

I just wonder how much of a profit you could make at that for how long. Sticking to internet distribution is probably a sounder way to stay profitable, don't you think?

Yeah all right. Bad idea.

The truth is, Clinton's vaunted- and exaggerated- experience has not kept her from screwing up royally in the White House, the Senate and on the campaign trail. Her "obvious" edge in policy has not kept her from running a nearly content-free, sleazy campaign. Obama and Clinton have actually offered about the same levels of substance. But Clinton has turned "experience" into an empty slogan, rising far above Obama's abuse of "change."

Read more at: http://www.nationalscold.com/2008/03/analysis-experience-is-no-better-than.html

This thank you comes at a later date, but thanks so much for doing this. It is hugely helpful!

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