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January 30, 2008


Wingnut welfare strikes again!

I think that's a much more likely nightmare than Jim Henley's.

Let's *hope* McCain embraces the crazies.

You can't find anyone other than Steve Sailer that makes this point?

Anderson, do you actually think his embracing the crazies would turn off a significant number of voters? How many voters even know who Podhoretz is?

If the eventual Democratic nominee plays it smart (and that's always a questionable assumption with a Democrat), they'll have Saint John's "hundred years in Iraq" quote playing in attack ads nonstop until November. That way, people will be informed that Saint John himself is one of the crazies.

... and they'll put this picture on every billboard from sea to shining sea.

Kevin Drum points out today that Bush has decided that Congress' law to prohibit funding of permanent bases in Iraq shall be ignored, via signing statement.

This, among three other laws that shall be ignored.

When did O.J. become President?

First question from the Democratic nominee to John McCain and his cadre of new McCainites:

Does anything go?

Second question:

How do you, John McCain, feel about taxation for war without representation?

We have a rogue Presidency and no one gives a crap.

OT - I would just like to note that in an internet cafe in Phnomh Penh there is an 8x10 color printout of the Kitty.

Carry on.

How many voters even know who Podhoretz is?

I would think it would be the Democratic Party's job, via TV spots etc., to make damn sure the voters know exactly who he is.

But wait, that would be "campaigning." The Dems don't do that, do they? We just expect the electorate to read the correct blogs and make their political decisions accordingly.

Being a Mitt Man,

Why? That is, what's good about Mitt that he should get one's support? (He's still a viable candidate and I might have to decide whether to vote for or against him in the general election, so it's not a rhetorical question.)

That is, what's good about Mitt that he should get one's support?

"Easily defeated" is I think his charm for Democrats. Tho Matt Yglesias has argued he's the least obnoxious Republican - some level of competence, insufficiently ideological to get into serious trouble, a 3-digit IQ ....

a mitt man ?!

Say it ain't so!

this has to be an "illegal fiction"

"My guess is the former, mostly because neocons are harder to kill than Rasputin. "

But with much, much, much smaller penises.

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