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January 30, 2008


For the moment, with no brief for Domenech, I'm thinking his post was a satire pointing at Thompson and the truly lousy slate of candidates available in the Republican primary, from Domenech's point of view.

I'm probably wrong; I seem to recall Domenech was a Guiliani man.

The funniest part is that, if I'm right that this is a satire critical of Thompson, very few of the commentariat over there got it.

I have a feeling if Domenech put the words "eat liberal babies" in Thompson's mouth, 98% of the commentariat would don bibs and salivate.

I don't know John, it could have been satire but it sound alot more like stage 4 of the seven stages of grief to me.


One comment required: it looks like a ripoff of this Onion piece. This comes as no shock.

Mike Schilling:

I have to admit it would be refreshing if Jimmy Carter lost it one day and gave a speech like that ..... and then took off his cartigan and threw it across the room.

Incidently, the words "poontang" (Domenech) and "va-jay-jay" (Erick Erickson's post re. NOW) were both used in the same week at Redstate.

I'm not sure where to go with that, but I think they've stopped using the Bible as a thesaurus over there.

A Fred Thompson who had the kind of balls it would take to say that would not be the Fred Thompson who has dropped out of the race.

That is one awesome rant.

Cater's I mean.

Ah, you've got to love a movement in which one of the most vicious insults you can hurl is to call someone a 'woman.'

And by love I don't mean love.

Isn't it funny that the one man out of all the candidates that has a monogamous relationship is called a "woman?"

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