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January 19, 2008


Gary: That's correct.


I was amused that the wiki entry has a picture of the Kremlin honor guard at their tomb of the unkown solder in Moscow, which I've been lucky enough to see. An entirely appropriate (and somber) memorial to the fallen.

I will make what's been called a futile gesture at italics OFF here.

"(Gary tells me google doesn't capture comments)"

I don't recall saying that about here, but I could have been confused. Google doesn't capture comments on some blogs, and it does on others; it depends entirely on whether the blog software is set to append "nocapture" after comments. In ObWi's case, comments are googleable.

But if you're referring to one of Andrew's blogs -- and it occurs to me that there's been no link on ObWi up until this moment to Andy's original blog, since Hilzoy wasn't aware of it until I mentioned it to her yesterday, while we were telling each other Andy stories -- then, yeah, comments probably aren't googleable.

Thanks Gary,
I'm sure that would be awesome! In the meantime I will continue to tune in every once in awhile ( Three kids don't usually give me much time to be online with the exception of the past few weeks) to see what you all are talking about.

Gary: comments probably aren't googleable.

That's the blog I was referring to.

I think you said to me here, in response to a comment of mine that I was on a one-man google-bomb to have a "Bizarro World" search on google result in a link to, that google didn't pick up comments.

But I could be mistaken about, well, that entire sentence.

I'm not sure this is the right way to put it, but I'm glad you (and hilzoy) were able to make it to the funeral.

Your memory is correct, and I over-generalized, he said, proving by example. Sorry about that.

Lisa -- if you or any of your family are ever in Baltimore (or DC), please feel free to get in touch. Anytime.

Thanks Hilzoy. Uncle Wes (Andy's Dad)mentioned to me that he met you and Gary. No matter that your time with them face to face was short, it meant a great deal to them. Thank you for going. Is there a way we can trade e-mails? Let me know.

L. Cooney, email to the Kitten (above left) should get to the right place.

Mine is no secret; it's gary_farber at yahoo dot com.

Lisa: I just tried to post my email address, but apparently the software thinks it's spam. (??) As rilkefan said, email sent to the kitty (aka, clicking the "Email me" button under the picture of the kitty at the top of the page) will reach me.

"Lisa: I just tried to post my email address, but apparently the software thinks it's spam."

Welcome to my world. :-)

Gary: thanks for posting a comment to my weblog ( regarding MAJ Olmsted.

I linked to an opinion piece from Scripps-Howard here, and I see that the link didn't, or at least doesn't now, work.

I noticed this because the same piece also appears here at Inside Bay Argus; it's by a John M. Crisp, and as I mentioned, it uses Andy's death as a political chit. While also misspelling his name.

Just a brief note to once again say how much it meant to me and Nancy to meet Hilzoy and Gary after the memorial service. I tried to find you to talk more but couldn't find you. I will continue to track you through this blog site and will also write to you from time to time. Bless you both.

Mr. Olmsted, I'd be delighted to be able to be in further contact with you, and Mrs. Olmsted, and Eric and Catherine, but I have no email address for any of you. Mine, as I mentioned above, is gary_farber at yahoo dot com.

(Please be warned that I'm a highly erratic and unreliable correspondent, however, with everyone.)

A small remembrance:

Thank you, and appreciation.

One more to add.
Just A Grunt over at JammieWearingFool.

i have difficulty with your embassy please give me teir e-mail adress in IRAN.

"i have difficulty with your embassy please give me teir e-mail adress in IRAN."

It's [email protected].

A picture. You might enjoy a nice rally.

Otherwise, try the Swiss Embassy.

The Charlotte Observer, February 18th.

USA Today piece quotes Andy again.

March 25th: Andrew Olmsted's final blog a lasting legacy, Australia's Courier Mail.

Andy's helmet, March 24.

A blogger, April 3rd. A mention in Malaysia.

More, around the 4000 mark.

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