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January 28, 2008


Another significant point in the comments on the earlier thread: CharleyCarp said he was signing on to the statement. Actually CharleyCarp's appearance is a significant point in itself.

I feel a need, as a rule, to look up and cite links.

I might be the only person in America, but I find this endorsement more meaningful than Ted Kennedy's.

No, you're not the only one.

I know one of the signers quite well, Brent Mickum, who has represented many Guantanamo prisoners...he is one of my oldest friends, and a genuine hero.

This story just appeared in the Boston Globe:

On a lighter note: I know we're not supposed to unfairly single out comments for ridicule, but the first comment on the Globe page is hilarious. But she supports Obama! Oh, dear.

Geez, KC.

Serge is right: Brent's aces.

Charley, I'm not sure how you interpreted my statement, and I'm not sure how to interpret your "Geez". I meant only that your return is a momentous event, which I am happy to see.

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