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January 04, 2008


Well he made a small difference in my life and that's all it takes small steps. What an amazing man.

My condolences to the family, friends, and Brothers/Sisters-in-Arms of this Honorable man.

I am a pathologist. I come across cancer patients of all ages. At times, I wonder how lucky I am to have survived this long as a creation that has so many inbuilt flaws in it. On top of that there are so many man-made unnatural causes that can take away our lives.

Andy's untimely sad demise is a reminder of how fragile our fleeting existence is on this tiny planet floating in the vastness of infinite time and space.

I had never visited Andy's site when he was alive and productive. All I can do now is pray so that his soul rests in peace.

God bless him.

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God bless your soul brother. Hope to meet you on the other side. Well done, soldier. Well done.

I am so sorry for your loss I can not find the words to say.

RIP Major, Thanks for everything!.

I have no words to express my personal feelings. I am inspired and humbled by Andrew's words.

As a retired military vet and father of 2 young men (one named Andrew) I cannot imagine the depth of loss this family must feel. Lincoln's words to Mrs. Bixby seem appropriate for the family and friends.

"I pray that our Heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom."

A. Lincoln, Ltr to Mrs. Bixby

Another great Warrior has been taken to Valhalla by the Valkyries...My deepest sympathy to Andy Olmsted's family, and my greatest gratitude for his service and ultimate sacrifice. I admire him all the more for his humor in his last statement...a sign he truly loved what he was doing. God Speed and God Bless.

tears are hard to fight back with this one. my condolences go out to the family. death is never easy to accept, no matter if u're the one dying or the one dealing with it. so i send hugs to all.

All I can say is "Thank You Major Olmstead"

God Bless

I heard about this on Fox news, and read Andy's last thoughts. He is such a hero, and my thoughts and prayers are with his family, and especially the love of his life Amanda. May God's mercy be a comfort at this time.


America is fortunate to have citizens like Andrew. For stepping forward, when others run away, he made our nation stronger.

If you cannot stand behind our troops, will you stand in front of them.

Donald Hooper, Michigan

I hadn't known you Andy, but I read your 'Last Post' and got a wonderful look into your psyche; that and the fact that you were obviously a B5 fan was all I needed to know about you.

I want to thank you for your service to our country, your selfless dedication and your courage to do what was right.

To Amanda, if I may, I am sorry for your loss. Being an old soldier myself, I know how hard it is for the families - I also salute for your service to our country and your courage to continue on.

They talked about the letter on Fox News....What a gift! Thanks go to a GREAT man of words!

I just heard about Major Olmstead on FOX. I will now go back and read his blogs - while mourning for Amanda the entire time. I wish I could tell you it will get better; it doesn't. (My loss came 30 years ago, and it could be yesterday.) Please create joy in your life anyway. AO certainly wants you to do that. Peace to you and yours, Amanda.

Slip off that pack. Set it down by the crooked trail. Drop your steel pot alongside. Shed those magazine-ladened bandoliers away from your sweat-soaked shirt. Lay that silent weapon down and step out of the heat. Feel the soothing cool breeze right down to your soul ... and rest forever in the shade of our love, brother.
Author: Bill Nelson

Thank you, and thank you, again. There is no way to adequately express all that we owe to you, Major Olmstead, for your selfless bravery. God bless you, and your family.

I just heard about Andrew Olmstead today on Fox news. I was drawn to read his words. My thanks goes out to Andrew for his service and my condolescences go his beloved wife and family.

You are the leaven which binds together the entire fabric of our national system of defense. From your ranks come the great captains who hold the Nation's destiny in their hands the moment the war tocsin sounds.

The long gray line has never failed us. Were you to do so, a million ghosts in olive drab, in brown khaki, in blue and gray, would rise from their white crosses, thundering those magic words: Duty, Honor, Country.

This does not mean that you are warmongers. On the contrary, the soldier above all other people prays for peace, for he must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war. But always in our ears ring the ominous words of Plato, that wisest of all philosophers: "Only the dead have seen the end of war."

General Douglas MacArthur

A thousand thank yous for your service and sacrifice, and blessings to those you have left behind.

USAF family member

Saw this on the news and logged on as fast as I could. I feel horrible!! I want the family to know that this man your son, your husband or brother is a very strong man that loved you all and life so much. I am so saddened for your loss...for the loss of all the men and women that have left us since this war started. I only hope and pray that all of our words on this blog helps to comfort you. The men and women that are fighting for us while we are here at home are all hero's and we need to ALWAYS remember them!! Don't ever forget!!! Keep this blog going for Maj. Olmsted until this war is over for the memory of him please.


We have lost a hero and a patriot, theloss wounds me deeply. May his family find peace in his words and the country's prayers. Thank you Maj.Olmsted.

I am so sorry to hear of the loss of a true hero. All men and women in the Armed Forces have that status. I lost my son on 11/05/05, a US Army Ranger. I hope that everyone remembers that every service member is a VOLUNTEER and they did so for their own personal reasons. Good Luck and God's Speed to you Andy. And Thank You.

sleep well brave man. we are lesser men for not having served with you.

My deepest sympathy to you Amanda. My thoughts and prayers are with you. I will be keeping you close in prayer. Your husband is an honorable man.
My sympathies to all of Major Andrew Olmsted's family, military comrades, and friends.
It is easy to see that Major Olmsted is a man with a sense of humor, honor and conviction. He is an American Hero. Thank you. Here is a quote that I think Major Olmsted might like
Tolerance is the virtue of a man without conviction
GK Chesterton
God Bless you Andrew Olmsted.

Another hero gone! My prayers are with the family.

Hey Andy,

You should come visit me. I know things are different now that you are not on the earth, but your death was not in vain. For your honest wisdom and truth in life, your death will be a blessing to many, as it has been a blessing to me.

Thanks for being alive and now you know that death is just a change in atmosphere. Hope God's being nice to you (I can guaranty that He loves you).

Peace, now.

- John

Thank you, Andy, for the sacrifice you and so many others have made. May your family and friends find some peace and comfort in their memories.
Semper fi

One last thing...

I found it very interesting that Yesterday, while following Church members in a car to celebrate a number of our birthdays, I passed by St. Andrews cemetary in New York. I was also driving behind my friend Andrew (called Andy). Now, today, I read about a Saint, an Angel, a Soldier and a good man named Andy Olmsted.

Seems that live's direction is more than just coincidental.

In your death I celebrate your life.

As the wife of a deployed soldier it breaks my heart to think of the pain Amanda is feeling right now. I have lived the fear that my soldier won't be able to say the things that Andy was able to convey here. Amanda you were very blessed to have your husband as I am to have mine, I am so sorry for your loss, I will keep you in my prayers, Thank you for your sacrifice, I know that doesn't help, but I am truly thankful to your husband and you for your courage, I know that this is the home of the free because of the BRAVE!! HOOOOOAH

Im very sorry for all the family members. I will pray for all of you. Im sure he knows now that there is an afterlife and him and God can have many wonderful discussions. Love to you all. God Bless.


I've always felt if you are going to go.

GO BIG! and Brother, this was pretty big. Best wishes to the family and friends.

God bless Andy Olmsted & the Andy Olmsteds of the world.
The world is a lesser place with the loss of Andy & other men & women of his ilk.
We are deprived of their, friendship, love, wisdom, and future contributions.
It is not a waste, but it is a tragedy.
There is so much more I would like to say, but it seems so trivial.
To his wife, family & friends (who were so lucky & fortunate to have known him), my sincere sympathy.
LTC Tom Vantre, USA Ret.

I had never read anything that Andrew wrote before today, but I have to admire the man for what he wrote and how he felt. He seemed to be a very deep thinker, and a person that was very commited to his job, wife, family and friends. May his writings instill in all of us what goes on in the minds of all who go into battle, knowing full well what the outcome may be. Our deepest condolences go to his wife, family and friends. He indeed will be sorely missed, but never out of our thoughts and prayers. Thanks Andy.

Everyone out there...this is the definition of a true patriot! He volunteered, knowing the risks. So for those of you who say this war should not have happened or for those who are for this war...leave it be! Don't speak on behalf of those who died over there, especially if you did not know them personally. No one has a right to pretend to understand unless they lived their life as this man did. This man died for what he volunteered for...his country. I thank him for his sacrifice.

Thank you, Andrew. My deepest condolences to your wife, family, and friends. You will be missed.

andy olmsted has accomplished immortality with the many lessons of his final post.

Andy will be missed. My condolences to his wife and family. Major, I salute you thank you for your service and sacrifice.

As a 15 month Vietnam veteran, I know I can tell you that his family would like to hear from those who served with Andy.

I lost a buddy and happened onto a military site where family members were looking for anyone that served with him 35 years after his passing.

There is nothing I can say that hasn't already been said.

All I can ask is to never let Andy's words die. Keep the site, keep the blog. Do whatever needs to be done to capture his words forever.

Godspeed, Andrew! My deepest condolences to the Olmsted family.

I was turned onto this blog today by Fox news, my arch nemesis and greatest vexation in life.
I decided to check out this blog, and I am glad that I did. Despite the fact that I did not know this man, either in person or through his previous writings, I am sitting here crying...for him, his family and friends, for a world that is obviously short one good, intelligent, witty person today. I'd just like the family to know that even strangers who were previously unfamiliar with Andrew Olmsted are touched by his untimely loss. If there is anything we can do for the Olmsted family, please make sure that the public is made aware. I have donated frequently to the families of fallen soldiers, though I do not have a lot to give. And a final thank you to Andy Olmsted, not only for following your heart and doing what you felt was right, but for sharing yourself and your views with the world. I'm sorry I didn't get to "know you" sooner.

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